GER30-DAX - SELL Set-Ups - Stock Exchange Crash

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GER30-DAX is close to finalizing the ABC Grand SuperCycle with a few more last moves within Grand SuperCycle Wave C (pink).
These are interesting times we are living and here at Lionheart Elliott Wave Analysis, we believe that the Bull Market for GER30-DAX is coming to an end. Therefore, we are looking in the near future for signs of a Market Crash.

Within Grand SuperCycle Wave C (pink), SuperCycle (V) (black) still has to deliver a Corrective Structure and a Bullish Impulse within its Sub-Wave Cycle V (green) before the bad news would kick in.

SuperCycle (V) (black) Analysis:
Cycle Wave I (green) moved with its Bullish Impulses until 50% Fibonacci Retracements of SuperCycle IV (black) and after that Cycle Wave II (green) has shown a Deep Corrective Structure under an Expanded Flat form.
Cycle Wave III (green) only had a Bullish Run close to the 100% Fibonacci Extensions of Cycle Waves I & 2 (green) which gives us a bit of a headache due to the fact that according to the Elliott Wave Rules, the 3rd Wave should not be the shortest.
However, rules are meant to be bent in this case because GER30-DAX is an Index and tends to have either exaggerated moves or violate certain rules often.
We will accept this factor and proceed with the Wave Count.
Cycle Wave IV (green) retraced as an Expanded Flat, with a 50% Fibonacci Retracement of Cycle Wave III (green) which is quite common for this Index. Due to this factor and the other one in which Cycle Wave III (green) was unusually limited in its strength, Cycle Wave V (green) began a Sustained Up-Trend.

Cycle Wave V (green) Analysis:
Cycle Wave V (green) is presenting an Extension in Primary 3 (blue) which is most likely about to complete with the 5 Intermediate Waves Sequence (orange).
Primary 3 (blue) shows us an Extension in Intermediate (1) (orange) which allows us to look at the 61.8% Fibonacci Extensions of Intermediates (1) & (2) (orange) as a Target for Intermediate (3) (orange).
In our opinion, Intermediate (5) (orange) is about to end at the 100% Fibonacci Extensions of Intermediates (3) & (4) (orange) with a Bearish Divergence confirmation.

Fibonacci Extensions & Levels in Focus:
The Levels in Focus for the end of the Grand SuperCycle C (pink) are 13330.00 and here is why:
- 61.8% Fibonacci Extensions of SuperCycle Waves ( III ) & (IV) (black), Target for SuperCycle (V) (black).
- 227.20% Major Fibonacci Extensions of Cycle Waves I & II (green), Target for Cycle V (green).
- 200% Fibonacci Extensions of Cycle Waves III & IV (green), Target for Cycle V (green).
- 61.8% Fibonacci Extensions of Primary Waves 3 & 4 (blue), Target for Primary 5 (blue).

The Levels in Focus for the projected Primary 4 (blue) are 12950.00 as we expect Primary 3 (blue) to end its Bullish Rally with a Bearish Divergence at the end of its Intermediate (5) (orange).

GER30-DAX - SELL Set-Ups & Positions:
Short-Medium Term:
Entry Level - 12950.00
SL - 13400.00 & 13800.00
TP - 12000.00 & 11500.00

Long Term:
Entry Level - 13330.00
SL - 14000.00
TP - 10000.00 & 8800.00

* Safety Measures:
- When in the green, move SL to break-even or in profit.
- If Conservative, watch for Bearish Divergence Confirmation before trading Primary 4 (blue).
- If Very Conservative and Late Entry mode, watch for PitchFork Channels Bearish Breach and Flag Formations.

Many pips ahead!
Trade ist aktiv: SL moved at break-even
testing the sell set-up and releasing one of the dogs
Kommentar: Flag forming
Kommentar: heading for 12000.00 or possibly 11650.00

Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: SELL Trade successful.

Approaching realistic Support and a possible Reversal for the 5th Primary Wave.

Testing a BUY as of now and shooting for the last swing of the optimistic trend, looking to SELL HARD after that on the up-coming Market Crash.
Trade ist aktiv: BUYING as a test on the 100% FIb, more info on the BUY Update:
Kommentar: Time to SELL

Kommentar: BUY Reversal Complete:
Kommentar: SELL Set-up:
Kommentar: SELL Set-up - Wave Count & Positions - Update:
Kommentar: Update on the Full Cylce:
Kommentar: set-up ticked every box! every swing so far!
Kommentar: Preparing for the next :bear: swing
Kommentar: Wave Count update:
Kommentar: :bear: !

Trade ist aktiv: Moving SL to BE soon, let's see if this is correct.

DJIA / SPX / NDX all seem to start Intermediate Bearish Cycles.
Kommentar: TARGET REACHED 12000!

Intermediate (A) completed.

DAX30 ready to correct until 12800:

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any updates..
@Lionheart-EWA, awesome, i am in a sell @ 13366
fully agree!
@Woozaa, thanks, appreciate the support, glad you agree.
+1 Antworten
Any chance this monster is going down?
Love it, so good! thank you :) what do you think will happen on monday, after the German elections?
Lionheart-EWA DariusKarremans
@DariusKarremans, thanks for the like, here's a reward :)

DariusKarremans Lionheart-EWA
@Libeloo24, ok thanks! so it might go to 12750 and then short... i think on Monday many people will sell, there is always insecurity with new elections and profit taking
Lionheart-EWA DariusKarremans
@DariusKarremans, Elections might just push EUR up for the last leg making DAX drop and hit the reversal levels.
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