FX:GER30   DAX index der deutschen börsennotierten Aktien
SL 8600
since it is aggressive counter trend, I will quickly take partial profit after 1R is reached and tighten SL to BE
Kommentar: SL to BE @9033, after over 250 pips no reason to let it become a losing trade,
will take half profit on 1R @9433
Kommentar: take half profit now @9443
Kommentar: now 9640, tighten rest SL to 9433 so the worst outcome is now a 1R profit trade
Kommentar: nice, 9983 now, move SL to 9640
Kommentar: SL @9640 reached, Trade closed
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht
At what point we should buy ? Please help
I am expecting the same. Are you sure it will give nice rally and cross 9150 soon by tomorrow.
Bankster manish_damani
the only thing I'm sure in trading is that I will loose money :)
UsmanButt Bankster
I am not experienced .
But mr bankster look good in his work
Agree. But I have to question your XABCD pattern since it isn't an official one. What's the point?
Bankster BaliShag
I use it for a better view of fibo retracements, you can use fibo instead, everything that works is ok. The potential D point is now on -30% from ATH, 1.27 fibo from B to C. The price action is also supportive which is more important for me. We closed Friday at daily high with HH and HL after hammer pinbar, so according to my plan, I have to enter a long trade
BaliShag Bankster
Ah okay. Thanks for your reply. On a harmonic sidenote.. You mention the 1.272 extension of the BC leg. The retracement of that leg formed a bullish Gartley on the way down that failed mid january. I do very often see failed Gartleys turn on the 1.272 extension of the XA leg instead. Haven't done the statistics my self, but I know of harmonic traders that even gave this "pattern" a name: Garfly. Not that important, but for me it adds a bit of confluence.

I haven't done my weekly analysis yet, but I can add a bat pattern, the 5 wave structure in the CD leg and a median line to your area for confluence.

Best of luck!

Bankster BaliShag
835x is indeed another confluence zone, but there is no right or wrong, price could reverse right now and go up for months. We don't know that the right side of the chart will be look like, that's why protecting your chips is sooo important ;) I will reenter if price reach that level and PA justifies a long entry. But for now, I have to trade what I see.
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