Edu Post- Which Timeframe is good to Trade? 15, 30, 1h, 4h, D,W?

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Hello Guys, Hope you all are enjoying a happy weekend & made good profit during the business days. Many of guys asked about timeframes, which timeframe is good for trading? So today I want to tell you that every timeframe you see, is good to trade, you can make money in the same way on 15 min, 30min and 1h as other traders make on 4h, D or Weekly etc. Every timeframe will give you trades, having good Risk vs Reward ratio. There are two charts; one of them is 30min and other one is 120minutes chart. And you can see that both have good risk vs reward ratio. So it doesn't matter which timeframe you're trading! All you have to do is use that timeframe correctly.

You lose your trades or even account when you ignore some facts.

First: If you put a trade and keep it watching every second; then its means emotions are high and possibly you are going to lose because you close your trade when it move few pips against you, thinking to save big loss. But at the end you lose and that smaller loss collectively blow your account.

Second: Your lot size ( Volume ) plays important role in profit and lose. Most of the traders lose their account because of that. At first they put high lot thinking to make big profit but when it go few pips in wrong direction they close their trade, as a result they lose.

So if you want to make money and you want to trade profitably then first thing you have to do is build your confidence & control your emotion. Both can be controlled with using smaller lot size at first. Use small volume at first which you can easily bear to lose without getting into depression and then increase it steadily!

Even if you are trading 15min, you will have to give proper time to your trade. So after analyzing & putting a trade right position and putting proper stop and target level.. leave it.

REMEMBER: Never Go hasty, Never use high volume if you can bear and NEVER EVER let your Emotion Overcome you!
Kommentar: One more thing! If you can't control your emotion for longer then you should not go for higher timeframe at first, use lower timeframe at first and then move to higher when you think you're ready!


Thank you. So calm and clear vision.
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WaveExpert Tankaro
:) @Tankaro,
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Personally, if I can answer you question about time frames. I like the 4 hour on days of high risk data and the daily for 5, 10 and 30 day trend lines. Thanks for the post Wave Expert. Do you have a name?
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Your ideas are amazing!
WaveExpert PakistaniHeroes
Thats pretty good work. THanks
WaveExpert TweetFx
:) @TweetFx,
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Thanks for your sharing. How many % do you use for a lot size?
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