Short 150.85 Target weeky support at 147.9 (295pips) SL 151.83

OANDA:GBPJPY   Britisches Pfund / Japanischer Yen
I shorted the Gbpjpy Friday night ,i no have time to post at that time ,then i just thinking about today to why to not post it..because have room for again enter in.

In technical analysis i see a possible H&S and even the weekly support is right Far ,usually when a price Breakout this kind of strong resistance the AT suggest that he will pullback on for bounce more up after. so i think with the h&S formation is good to try it.
Also i got a kind of RSI BEARISH DIVERGENCE in H4 chart

In fundamental.

Carney talk abour rate hike yes but they alredy talk about it before so i thought market have priced it already.
Brexit sill confuse topic and not all line in good ,it still again a little mess
missed his GDP forecast even other data are very good
The gbpusd fail to pass the resistance many time at 1.3610 and even he still on bullish trend short/middle time,he have room to consolidate more.
the usdjpy dont know wher eto go is in range since 3days and i think trump administration,fiscl policy details and maybe again NK will weight on this cross

so i just think i may wrong like all trade we do but i wanna try this idea,with a good MM and ration

Short at 150.85 in 2 lot

Target 1 at 149.50
Target 2 at 147.90

Slop loss at 151.50

Risk reward 5=(ration) = 1/3.0 who is i think attractive

In long term on other post i am long,when this trade is reached ..:-)
Kommentar: already 85 pips i cut 1 lot and i let second lot running like all time
Kommentar: target reached +125pips yeah
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: done 295 pips
Closed the trade at 148.17 now with 243 pips : ) couldn't stand more. Yeah... Thanks corsicasia : )))
How long did it take for you to learn what it takes for having this technique?
corsicasia DenizDemirci
@DenizDemirci, i hqve in forex for 8 years,but not as 2-4j per day but since 8 years is 12-16 hours per day even the week i pass some time, m earn alone by myself with website and training in real all time since first trade ,so i losrt much money furst years,after you start t find yourseflf your style,your own way to trade or draw a chart,like you see my chart is all time simple,not many figure or indicator,,but for me is enough,you will find your self and be good,,just learn ,learn and learn
DenizDemirci corsicasia
@corsicasia, Absolutely right. Seems the way to consistent and continious gain goes through losing first:) So one can learn from the mistakes find the rightest way which suits best with his/her nature. Thanks for the advice :)
You're gorgeous : )
Thank you Corsicasia. I'll try that on Sunday night when markets got opened.
corsicasia DenizDemirci
@DenizDemirci, so you get many pips then ;-)
DenizDemirci corsicasia
@corsicasia, yeah : ) thanks a lot again and again: )
corsicasia DenizDemirci
@DenizDemirci, welcome
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