EURUSD - Upwards - Vertical Currency III

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In the last few weeks we were able to tap the individual turning points very well and make good money. Be it the circled b:
or even the low of the 5 of A: Now, the ii of the circled c should be ready and it comes to the continuing upward movement. This is certainly due to the early election on 6/11/2018 in the US and should further improve our annual performance. The SL is the low of the encircled b at 1.1432 and the target is 1.19 + X. This results in a-CRR-of over 4 to 1. The startup of the C of the B could then already to 6.11. +/- be completed at the latest in January 2019. At both times must be expected with a turning point. greeting
Stefan Bode

P.S. Always thumbs up, so I'm motivated to report regularly.
Trade ist aktiv:
Entry at 1,14593
SL at 1,14320
Target 1,19
First Action, move SL to entry Point.
Trade ist aktiv:
SL at 1,147. Now we have no risk and much fun :-)
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht:
SL at 1,147 reached. A Little Profit but I'm searching for an re-entry.
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