Hitting the slopes...

FX:EURUSD   Euro / US-Dollar
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Gray charts are weekly trades. That means that they are independent of other charts that I publish. So do not be alarmed if I am short on the weekly trade and long on the daily or monthly. That is absolutely normal
** To get my updates immediately, please make sure you follow me. Sometimes, I update my charts on old charts
Kommentar: Last week, I was very lucky to find the page of @stephenleachman. He has made some great educational slides and placed them under the tag playbook. I encourage you to go and take a look at them as they are very useful (Also, please like them and follow him to encourage his good work) . Here is an example of one of his slides which is a level one signal...

Kommentar: Here are more level 1 signals by @stephenleachman:

Kommentar: If you like these charts, please be kind and like them and follow @stephenleachman. He deserves great thanks for his great work
Kommentar: The slopes in this chart are a representation of how time affects price. Very important concept to consider when trading
Kommentar: Please take some time to learn the level 1 signals I've posted on this chart...
Kommentar: You will notice that this chart is in line with our H1 trade using the KS Method. Even if it was not, we still would have taken both ;)

Kommentar: Looks nice. The break of Friday's (also last week's low) is a sign of a deep retracement or even a reversal upwards. We now have to look for our sell in a very deep location in the sell zone
Order storniert: Please be aware that all my orders are no longer active. So please manage your orders accordingly
Kommentar: In sell zone..
Thanks for your analysis and link to some important candle stick formations. I have printed your Ichimoku/Pan Optic method as a reference guide for me. It helps a lot being able to refer to your work on paper much easily now. Thankyou!
As I understand order was cancelled because of other reason. If you continue it again, I am happy, that`s all. Thank you.
ok, thank you
So this order is now active??
penci Dguaman
Down to your own discretion. I just asked this question; read the comments
Will I be following up with this trade? Not sure yet
It is a good trade though. So if you find a good entry,go for it
If now in sell zone will you still open trade or have you written this off already once orders were cancelled?
It is up to you..
The trade is still good
penci Ichimoku_Trader
Have you opened a sell trade accordingly though?
Personally, not yet..
Will I? Yes
When, after a small retracement to the TS on H1...
I hope that is satisfactory... ;)
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