Most Common Chart Patterns Found Daily in Market. (Edu. Post)

FX:EURUSD   Euro / US-Dollar
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These few patterns are the most common basic chart patterns which you can find daily, in market! You can find on all timeframes. I shared the post because many people asked me to post education stuff, so I decided to post one for them & for the the beginners and also for those who can't afford some learning & training courses. Hope this post will help you a bit!

Good Luck for the coming weekend!
your setups are awesome!
WaveExpert Iforextrader
thanks @Iforextrader,
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Iforextrader WaveExpert
EURUSD example
Really thanks a lot sir!!
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Thank you for taking the time to share this knowledge of yours, this will really help me as a beginner trader as to what would most likely to expect as I will see this pattern. Would you be also be able to share some idea as what time frame would most likely successful for a beginner.
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thank you so much!!!
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Your Edu posts are very handy. Thanks for the effort to put this together!
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WaveExpert VirtualFax
Thanks for appreciating! :)
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If it had been reversed, i. You would have corrected me, I would have told you "thank you" ... it is not good if someone responds only to compliments ... but I really do not care ...
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