EURUSD - Vertical Currency

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It is time again, after all the updates of the old analysis to create a new again to keep the overview. The-euro-sticks to the trading plan but the speed might surprise some people.
The vertical time sends greetings - welcome vertical markets, which will all accompany us in the next few months in various markets. Because my focus is on the higher level of the dayly and Weekly Chart, I do not lose myself in Swing or Daytrading, hoping to take the big and decisive moves with me.
The-EURUSD-now has room to reach the target area of 1.191. The resistance there should not be broken but it should then start a significant selloff and quickly go back to new lows.

Greetz from Hanover
Stefan Bode

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P.S.S. Rendite, Zinsen, Dividenden, Aktien, Edelmetalle, Beteiligungen, Wandeloptionsanleihen, Wald, Ackerland, Rinder, Immobilien, Photovoltaik …. gehören neben einen kleinen Anteil Kryptos ebenfalls in ein ausgewogenes Portfolio ;-)
Trade ist aktiv:
Now, sell the Shorts and go Long till 1,19. TurnAround should start in the next time.
Zins oder Dividende? Aktien oder Anleihen? Was sind Wandeloptionsanleihen?
Immobilien oder Rohstoffe?
Rinderfarm in Südamerika.
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