FX:EURNZD   Euro / Neuseeländischer Dollar
4809 37
  • Bullish breakout above falling wedge
  • Breakout in the direction of the main daily trend
  • Bullish engulfing candle on the daily chart
  • Stochastic near oversold on the daily

Trade Levels

Entry: Buy at 1.5850 - Target 1: 1.5993 - Target 2: 1.6150 SL: 1.5778- Avg . RR = 3

This Trade will have Risk of capital of 1.5%

Stats before this trade
Number of trades: 6
Winning Trades : 2 Losing Trades: 3 Breakeven= 1
Net return: +1.6

-Never risk more than 2% of your balance on a single trade. And If you are a beginner 1%.
-A Single or few trades result is not important. Whats important is the net return at the end of the month, quarter and year.

Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht: Profit= -1.5%
Net return after trade: +0.1%
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Placing trades against the trend is a skil!
Hi, I will try to buy it too. but I'll wait for the BO on an hourly trend line from the previous high at 1.5930. thanks for sharing.
You have given some cash to markets for free today, I am sorry for that, because EURNZD is a long setup indeed, I am preparing to go long on it after it gives the signal, will post a chart when I do so, you will have the chance to recover the loss too... anyway. if you were so anxious/impatient to take this trade as an early enter, before it gave any signal of breaking out from structure, you should have placed your SL under the low, structurally that is the invalidation point for this long setup... and the target can be way above the top, not only what you show, because this has a potential to go 1000 pips in an instance... and it will go that far, once it starts flying... patience my friend, patience is the key to success in trading ;) btw, congrats for your 60 trades conquest... it is a really good idea ;)
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I thing so stoploss

I agree this is uptrend but I think stop should be at 1.56950 based on the 4H and 1D chart, you can then see the trend channel is nice and clean. I am waiting for price to break and close above 1.58110 as I believe between 1.57690 - 1.58079 is a support = resistance channel, which you can confirm if you make the horizontal lines in 15M and then zoom out to 1D ;)
Appreciate ur comments . Amatuers will always judge too early. lets see what happens after couple few months.
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Salimo1901 Technician
@Technician, The right mindset .. Salute Chief .
Koryphaeen Technician
@Technician, please, let us refrain from categorizing somebody as an "amateur" here on this site... it could be misunderstood that some of us are above these "amateurs" and it wouldn't be right, since we are all amateurs here after all, including you... unless you have some kind of certificate like a CFTe or MFTA or work as a full time trader at a brokerage or bank or somethin'... which I doubt ;) let the trades you take, and the execution of them speak for themselves, that is a good thought, will tell the whole story!
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Any trade could be stopped out, it doesn't mean it wasn't a good setup, this is the market. For me it's enough that this guy has the courage and confidence to take trades with clear targets ( SL and TP); something that many experienced traders out there don't do.
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@abood, Hi . I agree with you
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