Ethereum US Dollar Forecast 2018

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dollar
My ethereum US dollar trading 2018. Ethereum has been my favorite cryptocurrency investment
So what exactly is your "FORECAST" for ETH for 2018??????
More than doubled your money. Nice investment. I think your sell was a good idea only if you plan to buy back in at a nice dip. I believe we’ve only started seeing ETH’s potential. Maybe not from a strict % returns potential, but as a technology platform. There’s still room to grow- and while you doubled your money, you didn’t get in early enough to make any astounding ROI. (Though, so few of us actually did!) I believe you will see similar performance, if not greater returns this year on ETH. Though purely speculation, I feel we could close out 2018 seeing ETH at $3,500-$5,000 USD. That would be a rough 3-5x ROI. Don’t think this is the end for ETH, by any means.
cribeirobt TheGush
@TheGush, the chart says that I sold HALF. I am waiting to see if we can get higher prices to sell the rest of it. I short short Ripple and Tron, you have my charts in the public view
@cribeirobt, hey guys don't want to be offensive, but if you want to trade piffpaffwingwangwung Ethereum and hoping for a dip, I'm pretty sure you are gonna be fucked up. I mean this in a peaceful way. Bitcoin has it's attention and an awesome rally. Now it's definitely Ethereums time to show off. 3'500-5'000USD I agree with you. But not until end of year, within the first 4 month of the year. If it's really donna be insane, the chart could also give us an target of about 10kUSD. Forget trading and enjoy the show. Check the ETH/BTC chart on a log scale long term here on tradingview. A target between 0.3x and 0.5x is possible, until summer. After it hit the upper trendchannel in ETH/BTC the show is over and BTC is goign to overtake again. A verry conservative target could also be 0.15BTC for each ETH, it's the old ATH from summer 2017. But I guess this time ETH is going to overtake bitcoins lead. Peace and a lot of gains
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