Ethereum good opportunity to enter short, Bat pattern

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dollar

Hello traders, looks like ETH has formed a Bat pattern it's a good time to enter short with stops above D.
Trade ist aktiv
Trade ist aktiv: Profit partially fixed at 795
Trade ist aktiv
Kommentar: First target at 765 reached!
Kommentar: Approaching second target!
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: Closed at 648. Will re-enter after it brakes below the support line
Trade ist aktiv
Trade ist aktiv
Trade ist aktiv
Trade ist aktiv: Target hit, but I am going to keep short open for a while, it seems that ETH has a potential to sink much much lower!
Trade ist aktiv: Approaching critical 400 level
Trade ist aktiv: 400 hit, but I'll keep the short opened for a white, ETH might reach 200 in a very near future. Let's see how it goes
Trade ist aktiv
Trade ist aktiv: Oh my.......
Trade ist aktiv: My best short ever!
Whats the update to this one? Look's like it just failed the final support trend line on a retest candle. Unless positive volume increases, we still going down. Curious to know your targets in mind to close shorts.
i guess 1000 usd is the psycological level. but 450 usd is insane. even 700 usd seems impossible :)
FX_Guru aozan88
@aozan88, Not so long time ago the same thing would have been said about ETH hitting 1400, but it became a reality. There is nothing wrong with ETH coming back to where it started, there is no such thing as "insane" on the market.
aozan88 FX_Guru
@FX_Guru, yep you're right nothing is insane on the market and i agree that eth will make a big correction. but even it will go under 1000k, it would stop falling somewhere over 700 usd. I hope you will be right and we would collect some ETH from 450 dollars. thanks so much :)
FX_Guru aozan88
@aozan88, I hope you're enjoying the ride as I am
Lol no :)) i dont think anything below 1k is possible, without the market crashing entirely
+2 Antworten
FX_Guru Seviii
@Seviii,Frankly speaking I see absolutely nothing special about 1k figure.
FX_Guru Seviii
@Seviii, We are below 1K, doesn't look impossible now.
Seviii FX_Guru
@FX_Guru, Yea, but as i said " without the market crashing entirely" what is happening right now. ETH is still doing "Ok" in this bloodbath. Your Chart was related on eth with your bat pattern. BTC is crashing = market follows.
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