Ethereum BORING sideways trend!

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Hello traders!
As you can see Ethereum has been trading sideways for over a month now. I have slightly updated the support line (from my previous idea) is the chart gave us more information with time. But as of now, it will be boring to watch unless it breaks out from its trading range. - Abdulla

Still trading sideways

VERY HIGH VOLUME - I'll post a new idea within the next hour! - Seems thing will happen in the next few hours
Trade ist aktiv
Kommentar: Sorry guys for not really commenting on why I changed the status of the trade. The trade was active once we had a breakout of the trading range. As you can see it was an accumulation stage and not a distribution once we had the breakout to the upper side. Thanks!
All charts posted are for educational purposes only - I don't sell signals or give any courses. Enjoy :)!
hello @AAlFadhala
why did you state trade active just now?
it's a strong uptrend now with target 450+
do you have another opinion?
Trade active at $400? What's your target?
Hi @AAlFadhala
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and ideas. I have been following your charts while learning crypto trading.
What's your update on ETH now that it has broken out?

With gratitude from Australia - Thank you!
@Nate284, Hello! Thanks for following my ideas and your kind comment is much appreciated. I have been very busy the past few weeks and wasn't able to update some of my ideas - however I hope that it was clear in the chart that once we have a breakout (from either sides) the trend will continue in the same direction of the breakout. Since ETH has broken to the the upside, it has been confirmed that it was an accumulation stage and that the bulls will lead the trend. This is why we had a nice $60 bullish movement.

I'll try to post a new idea on ETH very soon (maybe later today) as certain circumstances might have changed. Thanks - Abdulla :)
Have heard the news of the problem in the online parity wallet of ETH, I dont have enough technical knowledge but the story is that there is a problem on these online wallets and 500,000 ETH has been stolen. This will screw the ETH price :(
@AAlFadhala Please update ETC, ETC going on now?
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Nice one.
Eth May not be too good for profit in the short term, but this makes me feel that eth is a stable currency and considering the tech behind it can eventually blast from here.
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abdullatrader SaurabhGoel
@SaurabhGoel, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree, when you see anything trading sideways it tell us something big is about to happen (big movement). However for a trader like me or you, you don't really want to be stuck in a coin that is trading sideways for weeks (at least for short term traders). Let see how this evolves in the next couple of days :)
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