ETH Breakout! Is the crypto hype back? LONG! LETS GO!

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dollar
I was bored and I saw a perfect breakout on ETH chart. I think I am in :D Let's have some fun guys! I still think the crypto market is crashing but ETH chart looks a bit different. It's never too late to make short-term profits and see where it goes.

The Reason why I am interested:
1. Golden Cross in 4 hr chart which generally means a long-term gain unless something BS happens.
2. RSI suggests there is some room to run.
3. The triangle Breakout

Catalyst: Robinhood Robinhood Robinhood which means more investors if they see ETH gain. People are sheeps, don't forget!

Kommentar: 1500 should retrace to 1300 not 1400 for abc
Kommentar: Next target in yellow.
Kommentar: It should bounce at 1110 and run up up up.
Kommentar: well there is that bounce... Have fun trading I am long on margin.
Kommentar: My stop at 1098
Kommentar: Anyone else bored with this 1% moves -_-
Kommentar: ETH Break out confirmed! BOOM!
Kommentar: This thing is BS and its stuck
Kommentar: AKA bots trading, when you can clearly see epic bull volume but the price doesn't move BS
Kommentar: when you are drunk and making thousands -_- hit it already. volume is decreasing, might be a good time to back down too
Kommentar: but then again only we are at wave 3
Kommentar: I hate when its in the middle. Lets see where it goes.
Kommentar: Evening star upgraded my stop. to the fan support.
Kommentar: 1166.05 to be exact.
Kommentar: So that was the top. Tada!!!
Kommentar: Stop limit order submitted. hope it doesn't hit. ABC correct should be due.
Kommentar: Could be a hammer, I have my stop limit order ready just in case.
Kommentar: Here is the reason why
Kommentar: Btw it hit 1174 ish :P pinpoint accurate :D.
Kommentar: , however, stay alert
Kommentar: Stop limit triggered. It shall gain. Go long. goodnight
Kommentar: Follow the main chart above, it's going for the ATH. possibly 4K if the hype is really back.
Kommentar: And btw the volume is back! increasing with the price action. GN
Kommentar: shorting it with a stop limit buy for back up
Kommentar: that bounce! Maybe the ABC correction ended sooner than expected. Break above the next fib line will confirm.
Kommentar: still retesting the fib level...
Kommentar: this is getting anoying.
Kommentar: Finally! something to go with!
Kommentar: watch out for the fakeout. anything can happen.
Kommentar: Breakout confirmation in 1min chart
Kommentar: 5 min confirms with a hammer and obv over its ema pt in yellow
Kommentar: Whaleclub.com give you 20x margin, making money is a joke. However I don't recommend them. period.
Kommentar: hammering the last resistance
Kommentar: wrong one.
Kommentar: Bots stalling the price again... I am gonna watch Netflix and eat some popcorns. Make sure to put a stoploss to capture the gains. Other than that, eth should fly to the moon.
Kommentar: trend is strong, should break this any minute
Kommentar: Got stopped out :( I see an evening star forming, however, not shorting this.Looking to buy back at 50% retracement.
Kommentar: bought at 50% retracement and now shorting. If that was wave 1, wave 3 will be hugeeee!
Kommentar: Remember to lock the gain. I saw a h&S on 1 min chart. Look for a neck violation or else treat it like a regular support for double bottom.
Kommentar: be very careful, this is not a bull anymore. That price action just destroyed the setup. It might crash because 1) double top just formed, 2) failed wave 5 means bulls are tired. 3) massive sell volume.
Kommentar: Neck violation occurred on 1 min.
Kommentar: PT. 1145.64
Kommentar: new idea :) expect the volatility to increase in short term. Need to be very adaptive to situations.
Kommentar: manipulation volatility, you name it. It's time to shine like a diamond. I
Kommentar: look at the price structure... BOTS! DAMN BOTS! Still waiting for the dump btw.
Kommentar: In all honesty, this price action could be a set up for another crash. We might be in a delusion phase. There is always a big gain before a crypto crashes. See this for more detail and don't even think about going perma long before we are out of the danger zone (ATH broken).
Kommentar: Possible breakout! again.
Kommentar: PT 1394
Kommentar: got stopped out. :( Will visit back if anything changes. I think we are going down
Nice call last night, even if you were drunk! Nice analysis as well, thank you.
Avasreader Johnny2Coins
@Johnny2Coins, LOL literally had nothing to do. Then I saw this chart.
Wow. That was quick breakout over $1200
The weekly candle on BTC closes in 2 hours and a half. The correction is over.
I believe if a crash was going to happen (outside of big verified news not random FUD) it would have happened already.
I was hoping for cheap BTC ETH NEO... Don't think we'll see that anytime soon.

Wait what's the LTC graph doing here? I can't say LTC won't crash though. LTC XRP these things... Idk
RIP Litecoin.
@MrRenev, All crypto trade the same. If one crashes all do. We traders are not that optimistic people. If you compare LTC and BTC chart side by side, you will be shocked by the similarity. Anyways this is what I meant: http://www.thestockmarketoutsider.com/admin/blogimages/Stock%20Market%20Bubble%20Graph.JPG. When people think the correction is over, that's when you sell :D
@MrRenev, As long as we don't see another ATH, we need to assume these numbers are crashing to suppress the emotion.
@MrRenev, don't ignore the possibilities. Both LTC and BTC are closing with a hammer, but anything can happen.
@MrRenev, IMHO, I think they should have 0 value lol :D
Bots, wait for that classic dump when you're sleeping all tight in your bed. Can't wait. lol
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