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Crypto awareness is rising, BTC is getting futures everywhere. We see new ATH's in many markets. I specualte that ETH should get similar attention rather soon. ETH is trading at huge premium on Bithumb, if it doesn't break the 500$ level on there we go to 600$ levels/ back to 500$ on normal markets. ATH's in coming soon ?
I think the ICO's with lots of Eth are dumping their coins whenever we start seeing some good momentum. This has been going on for months now. Eth seems to be going nowhere.
onecane BillMeyer
@BillMeyer, this makes a decent amount of sense and would explain some of the big dumps. i still think a long-term rise is
@onecane, Personally I think they have played this game long enough now. Investors will simply abandon Eth as it only has value for the ICO's and not for investors when comparing to BTC.
In the end, they will simply bring their own value down. I for one has had enough of this game.
onecane BillMeyer
@BillMeyer, The thing is, there are tons of new ppl getting into this game. Maybe you are sick of it, but that is your POV. If you are new ETH is looking good. And BTC is recentlly getting soooo much attention, why shouldn't the 2nd largest crypto follow. I can't find any reasons for that, as long as eos is ico stage
@onecane, Because the past few times we see the pattern...
BTC shoots up, Eth follows for a short while and move sideways, and even drops. BTC drops, Eth crashes. BTC goes up, Eth slowly follows but nothing stellar. It seems like Eth has lost its steam. Same with LTC. Neither seems to actually breaks through. Both lost huge percentage in value relative to BTC. Yeah the news and hype says - Eth and LTC is now - really this time - going to break out.
But then it seems like BTC just sucks the air out of them. Last few times, this time. If the pattern is not broken then I think Eth and LTC is just doomed to show small gains and just lose out to BTC.
I am planning to buy ether now. How much will it go for correction from here? I think the lowest ETH will go 350-370 USD. What you say? @onecane
@SUBHODEEPKUNDU, tbh i think the lowest was 410$. I dont see it going below 400 again.
@onecane, Thank you. Now its trading at 407 USD :). Is it the right time to grab some ether or we should wait more?
@SUBHODEEPKUNDU, i would get some yes
do we have to wait for any other corrections? We drop from 480 to 430 since 2 days and seems btc is going to face a new correction. I mean, is this a good entry point or do we have to wait? Thanks for clarify. @onecane
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