ETH-USD deep IVs need long V's - ETH in for 1.8k

BITFINEX:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dollar
The ETH call of ours some time ago found a deep c' of iv halting just before the price overlap with the i' ...which is ok with the rest of the Crypto-Verse mostly still bound to BTC taking the second deeper plunge and the markets again get the shivers and weak hands let it all slip away what they promised themselves to hodl and nurture for life...
Trade ist aktiv: waiting for entry

Kommentar: entering 980 and 990 before it runs away
Kommentar: and off we go....

Kommentar: That idea did not work out yet, one or another wave was still in the pipeline -> for those of us being stopped out, (my broker did not pull it,yet), with -7% on the trade clock:
Here is what projects to me as the point of a lesser agressive reentry, reentry after 0-b of ii-line break , the more play safe method...agressive variant would be the green line below which could be reached by a little subdegree fifth down wave still to come

Kommentar: I am stepping out here out here for the entry price and grab a lower one according projection, either low of v or break of 0-b line
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: I do not like the patterns enfolding and the obvious re-correlation established to BTC/USD...trade closed manually - sticking to the BTC-USD C as EDT Count (look analysis)

till now, even in ETH/USD an alternative to be considered as the active pattern played out...
Kommentar: this boy ran me away this strongend , while I was busy doing family stuff...not a matter, hope somebody got in despite missing count update...

But here it is...as it may be viewed by now...
Kommentar: entry for late bloomers...

initial SL 1030
Kommentar: entry at 1150
Trade ist aktiv: actual SL at 1105

Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht: Correaltion with BTC-USD too strong - no separate ETH-USD bulls for now here...stopped out at 1105 : - 4 % trade...
Thank you for this great EW count! I see exactly the same, for me this whole correction was (or is) also a big 4. Hopefully a powerful wave 5 follows - up to the moon. After that, I'm leaving the market for a few months ;D
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