Eth Time move

BTCE:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dollar
2000 12
if i Collected and got the right evidence
the first move will be @27/7/2017
sec move will Be @5/8/2018
from our side we still expect dips we have main analysis u can check it

check time charts


we ask Allah reconcile and repay
cursor and the prices are not compatible, when Mouse is on the point of 08/05/2017 support, price showed by cursor is 88 usd, but price bar shows 188 usd? which one must be considered bro?
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HamadaMark Mlnklkm05
@Mlnklkm05, hello bro it`s not about prices it`s about time

if u need to know what we expect and where price go check main analysis
obainosoft HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, good time to buy now?
Thank Mr HamadaMark

ETH must touch 256 $ to dip t 80$

That you mean ?
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@kods87, U are welcome bro yes i expect more dips but we have condition until now more dips expecting
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@kods87, Not $80, more like $188.00.
Crypto-psycho-interpretation ETH vs BTC:

I would like to see ETH catch the uptrends vigorously. But despite ETH's technically being the more potent of the two currencies, it is BTC which is seizing the main focus and attention of crowds due to Segwitx2 & Aug 1sth upcoming drama, thus we are going to see more life and predictability in BTC market and charts in comparison to ETH market. So ETH does not receive as much positive attention as it is capacitated for, and for short term, I emphasize on short term, BTC remains the main player of the scene while ETH intrinsically cannot contribute much to the cryptocurrency total cap recovery.

Generally you see which ever seizes the publicity of the headlines wins the capital and somehow sometimes it is the controversy which decides where the gain is going to be not the actual technical definitions and potential.

Is this psychological interpretation of the two interconnected and competing markets valid in your expertly view? And if yes, is there a way of incorporating it into the charts and so schedule timing of investing on the two to max the profit? Maybe that is what expert traders do instinctively.

On this I, as an enthusiast, humbly seek consultation from you and other PRO members who, not like me, are experts.
NoCode326 farrokh.ansari.1977
@farrokh.ansari.1977, If you follow Goldman recommendations you will realize that the rec desk says one thing and their prop desk does the complete opposite. No joke. Review how many Goldman 'trade' recos that were stopped out time and time again. In the industry and at home we traders typically do the exact opposite of what Goldman pushes on the plebs. With that being said the local top of Bitcoin is $2950, perhaps $3100 if lucky. How and why does this apply to Ethereum you may ask? Think about it and trade accordingly.
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@NoCode326, Thank you.
I so hope your right :)
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