ETHEREUM Overview H4

POLONIEX:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
Ideas as shown.
BEST BUY area @ 78% fib zone.

Have a nice day and Have a great trade everyone !!
if you start the elliot wave a little bit earlier and pull down the fibonacci graph a little bit more we just faught against the 0.5 resistance which equals the lower high of the second wave... the 0.618 level will resist much stronger IMHO because it's even with the top of the first wave... but in order to fall down further we need to break the green trendline first...

ETH is just the same as it was at the beginning of the month ..it's still a great coin with good marketing and good devs.. and there is no article about bitcoin without mentioning ether anymore.. there is no real reason to de-valuate it further..
it's just the scape goat for everything that happened in the last 2 weeks but most of it actually wasn't ethereums fault.. every developer knew that they had to work on the scaling problem for example.. it's just that everybody ignored the devs and pushed one insane ICO after the other...

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Tanzil valueerror
@valueerror, hi brother, nice chart-setup & clear explanation. Hope it works well !! :D

anyway thanks for your comment and opinion, i like it how you explain the fundamental of ETH !!
Have a great trade brother and good luck for US who ride this ETH :D
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