ETCUSD 8h: ETC so much potential! 13 > 16 > 19 > 22 > 33 USD

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In my opinion ETC has still much potential. Because ETC is the only alternative to ETH. The performance of ETC was not really good in the last few days. Okay. That's the market. New ones have to deal with this and mustn't lose their nerves. ;-) Too much action at BTC (Core Version 0.15.0 released and China troubles). Nevertheless, we have now reached the ground, from my technical point of view. So this should indicate the trend reversal. An up to 33 USD until the end of the year is still possible. So I see an good buying opportunity now. The next steps could be: 13 > 16 > 19 > 23 > 33 USD. Just for info: I am still long and i am buying now more ETC ...

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)

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faster than expected: we reach 300 usd. for a short stop.
urg. sorry wrong chart.
Update ETCUSD (8h): ETC is still cautious, but could make a nice push soon.

late but not to late. etc on track.

a rather good development with etc. will continue to be positive. possibly a small correction, but nothing big. maybe sideways.



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