ETHEREUM CLASSIC (ETC) undervalued market with big potential.

BITFINEX:ETCUSD   Ethereum Classic / Dollar
924 7
Ethereum Classic is a hardforked coin off on ethereum . In the past ETC has held a 10 percent ratio to the price of ethereum on average. With Ethereum hitting all time highs of 1k yesterday. I believe there is a strong possibility we will see some good growth market cap wise. Currently ETC is ranked 18th on coinmarketcap and i believe with etc only at 4billion market cap i could easily seeing this market get to 20 billion pretty quickly. ETC has low supply which shoots up the price with only 99million compared to Ethereum that has 97 million. Currently ETC price is around 35 dollars average inbewteen all exchanges with my 10 percent trend that is a theory of mine. I believe we will see a 100 ETC coin very quickly especially if Ethereum market cap continues to grow exponentially. Its great to have Etherum in your name!!!!!!
Kommentar: strong support @ 15
weak support @ 20
weak resistance @ 29
strong resistance @43
If resistance gets crossed the soft support becomes the resistance and the previous support becomes the strong support
Trade ist aktiv: ETC is following a steady uptrend angle atm keeping a close eye i expect a break out soon!!!!
Trade ist aktiv: ETC broke thru its Strong resistance @ 43 . 43 becomes the new soft support . I expect continually growth in the upward channel. I wouldnt be suprised if we see a 60-100 $ ETC in the next couple weeks! if not sooner
ETH is the fork... ETC is the original blockchain, that's why it's "Classic." Thanks for sharing your chart! I appreciate it! ETC is a great project that has just found its feet... nowhere to go but up!
TintAdvice JonnieGopher
@JonnieGopher, yes.... why doesnt everyone know this lol
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StefanCaster TintAdvice
@TintAdvice, Alot of beginners !
StefanCaster JonnieGopher
@JonnieGopher, couldnt agree more cant wait for the next uptrend in the foreseeable future!
do you expect it to drop to 15? why is it so low?
@calache, i made the chart from its previous low on dec 31 cause i believe with this perspective your able read the signs the market is giving. That being said keep in mind if BTC decides to really surge not like 1k to 2k but 3 to 5k in 1 24 hour period we can expect quick retracements. So keeping that in mind is why i made the chart to those low points potentail outcomes!
@calache, well 15 was the parabolic support it hit breifly that was by far the best buy oppourtunity! It hit 15 on feb 6th 1 week move 100 percent profit potential!
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