ETC Massive Bullisgh Signals (200%+ Potential)

BITTREX:ETCBTC   Ethereum Classic / Bitcoin
Since the last correction, I've been looking at ETC as strong.

Each time I get questions about it and look at the charts I get the same impression. Strength.

So I decided to open a trade. Let's look at the details.

Here are the details that support this trade:

* The Etherum classic daily chart looks pretty good overall. Prime for some action.
* The brown line represents a double bottom , a famous formation which signals bullish sentiment. We touched the same bottom twice, it didn't break. Got it.
* TD             Sequential (Candle stick analysis), shows bullish sentiment.
* MACD shows plenty of room for growth.
* RSI is showing bullish divergence . Very positive indicator.
* Many more indicators on the 4h chart, 1h chart, etc. But this trade looks strong enough for us to trade.

Buy-in: 0.0013 - 0.00195

Stop-loss: 0.00129

Targets: 0.0028

Other targets will be posted after breakout.
Breakout will be confirmed after we break first resistance of 0.00206 and close above it.

Note: This is a MID-LONG Trade. If you can't wait until the action starts, then this trade is not for you.
If you can wait, then by all means, get it NOW.

Let's have some fun.
Kommentar: I will be posting updates as things develop. I will post updates with charts graphs with different time frames and all the signals of the moment. New targets and so on. And of course, positive, uplifting, self-confidence building messages.

I feel honored to have you follow my trades. Now, let's trade.

Why, you ask? You know better... BECAUSE YOU DESERVE THE BEST!
Trade ist aktiv: Since the price didn't hit our stop loss (0.00129), this TRADE IS STILL ACTIVE.
Trade ist aktiv: It is better to stay in this channel. But even if it breaks, hold until it breakouts out, or reaches its stop loss.

Trade ist aktiv: ETC is waking up...

Kommentar: Etherum Classic (ETC), is still within buy-in range.
Kommentar: Raise stop loss to 148.

Short term, ETC is looking promising. The 1h chart shows major bullish signs, with the MACD, RSI and STOCH all pointing to upward movement.

The candles are also really good. Take a look at the chart yourself.


We will see how it goes when we face resistance at the orange lines.

The 4h chart is yet to catch up, but it is looking good.

The daily chart is also showing some promising features, but it will have to fight to get there, meaning, another few days.

I went all the way to the weekly chart, which is becoming incredibly promising.

If we close this week above 0.0019. We can expect really good action in the next two weeks (the first half of the first week maybe slow, and then go from there).
Trade ist aktiv: Ehterum Classic (ETC), is moving into a new uptrend.

Kommentar: ETC is looking super bullish for the near future.

I will post new targets now.
Trade ist aktiv: ETC Targets:

Trade ist aktiv: Etherum classic is about to take off big time.
Look at the daily chart, all of the indicators are showing bullish momentum:

Kommentar: Massive bullish signals for ETC for tomorrow on the daily chart:

Kommentar: ETC is still bullish, ETC still strong.

Kommentar: This trade remains active unless we hit our stop loss.

- You can choose to buy more when the price drop.
- You can choose to just hold, wait and relax.
- You can also choose to sell and join at a later date. But this is not recommended.
Kommentar: This is an easy hold. If you want to move to other trades, feel free to sell if you are in profit. If not in profit, wait until you are in profit and then sell.
Kommentar: Etherum Classic (ETC) hasn't really taken off big but our trade is very much in the positive.
Trade ist aktiv: This is a buy opportunity to hold for long. All the indicators are charging up. It broke up on the 31st December and it looks like it wants to keep on going up.

- The daily chart is showing momentum, but there is still plenty of resistance to overcome.

1D chart:

- The weekly chart is just getting started, but you can see the "curve" and the room for growth on all the indicators.

1W chart:

I will now give you instructions for a new Buy in set up. With new stop loss and everything.
Kommentar: *** New Etherum Classic Trade Idea ***

Kommentar: You can click on the image above for the updated ETC trade idea. - Private &VIP - Cryptocurrency trading learning platform, for advanced and beginners alike.

- Support on Telegram @alanmastersupport


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@alanmasters Where is your trade idea?
Reckon people need to make their own decisions! Alan provides some excellent TA, next step is working out how to do it yourself guys ;) Time to remove the training wheels ;)
Hi Alan,
Do you think that's still profitable to invest now in ETC (0.0023xx)?

Thanks in advance.
+6 Antworten
I am waiting for instructions @alanmasters ;)
+5 Reply thank you
New Etherum Classic Trade Idea
I am waiting for instructions @alanmasters ;)
+7 Antworten
guitare89 skitsko
@skitsko, me too
+1 Antworten
Nice one @alanmasters. Next target should be 0.047, so that would be little more that 100% in a single swing.
After that rebuy on 0.033 and wait for 0.077.
Regards and all the best in 2018
+1 Antworten
i hold this coin from your last chart :)
Hey Alan,
We are approaching the Targets: 0.0028
The trade will be closed as it hits the target right?
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