EOS: The Most Underrated Crypto?

EOS may be the most underrated coin in the history of crypto right now.

The inventor of Steemit, Dan Larimer, founded EOS. Steemit is arguably the most adopted and successful projects in the space right now. He left and started building EOS as a 3rd Gen blockchain with governance upgrades, etc...

Dan has a bad rep for switching projects abruptly, but it’s only b/c he say a bigger picture.

True, extremely underrated! I believe price will rise to $35 to $50 range by June. IMHO, when dapp developer air-dropping begins this coin will be #1 fairly quickly. Demand is going to skyrocket as people begin to understand the scope of this project!
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@SteveJ, Github activity is a huge indicator, right? EOS currently has over 3K commits and 70 Contributors. That is by far outpacing other projects. Tezos and Cardano are the other two I can think of that developers are working at a furious pace.

What do you think?
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SteveJ BitInfo12
@BitInfo12, I have done an enormous amount of research on EOS. I have not studied Tezos or Cardano so I can't comment on them. I think EOS will revolutionize the blockchain with dapps and speed. ETH, in my opinion will probably be degraded... perhaps eliminated as EOS gets discovered and adopted. I believe the future of everything we are doing in the crypto space will begin to adapt to the platform. Just wait to see the price pop again after June launch as EOS dapp developers start air-dropping tokens all over EOS token holders in the future. I think it is going to be insane. There are a TON of known developers that are going to build on If there are no new government regulations trying to stop EOS, I project EOS $35- $50 by June. Soon enough, it will make BTC a dinosaur. If EOS just gets to the equivalent BTC high market cap, it will be over $300 per token. Long term, 5+ years, I think we will see mass adoption and may see a valuation of $50,000+ per token within 5-10 years. Just my opinion, not trading advice. As in anything you evaluate, you must look at the success of the people surrounding the project. Dan Larimer, EOS CTO, has already built BTS and Steemit. He proved that his methods work. EOS is the main project he always wanted to build. IMHO, EOS is going to change everything...
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petejf SteveJ
@SteveJ, > +1______________________
@SteveJ, Wow! Some bold predictions @SteveJ. I like it. I cannot wait to see how Gen 3 blockchains start to grow, are developed upon, and become adopted. EOS has a huge developer community and a great head start. I agree Dan Larimer has proven to be competent in his other projects. Have you looked into DTube? Looks like a decentralized Youtube that has ties to Steemit. I'm optimistic about the project overall and I will be dollar-cost-averaging into a substantial position over the next few months.

Let's revisit this convo when EOS hit's $50 in June;)
@SteveJ, Crazy looking back at this convo just a few months later. EOS has been on a tear! Very excited to see EOS perform in 2018.
SteveJ BitInfo12
@BitInfo12, yes, me too!

This is STILL, as you stated, "...the most underrated coin..."!

The magnrtude of positive news that willl come out soon will be mind bending. I know EOS has some huge projects that are secret as of now. I believe they may be some very recognizable organizations that will be announcing the use of the EOS platform as soon as mainnet stabilizes after launch.

This is going to be epic...
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