EOS/USD - Future Buy Zone / Short Opportunity

Hi friends,
I'm back again with another idea!
This is a 6 hour chart of EOS/USD.

- long term trend: up
- short term trend: down

*It is my opinion that we have finished a set of waves: i,ii, iii ,iv,v. Wave i&iii retracement are marked by yellow box.
*Although we are trading above EMA50/MA50 at higher TF, I still expect another corrective wave down, which will give us a possible buy zone. Marked by the green boxes.

-->The first buy zone is formed by previous low. Wave C can end here. This means we re-test .618 level of the whole leg (blue tool), and re-continue the uptrend.
-->The red boxes are cloned, they represent the same price range. If we have a 1:1 move down of wave A and C, this will bring us to .786 fib ext. of the whole leg. (Blue on the right). Wave C can also end here. This is the second buy zone.

Good luck!

Kommentar: **IF we reach .786 ret. buy zone ($4.5), that will give you at least 400% return when we reach previous high!

$18.6 / $4.5 = 413%

**I hope you all lay your orders! IF it gets filled, it will be an early Christmas present! And we are still in January :)
Trade ist aktiv:

You can watch me explain the analysis in this video!
Trade ist aktiv:

broken out from rising wedge.
Let's see if it touches our buy zone!
Trade ist aktiv
Kommentar: i don't have a short, i am just waiting for a buy. if you do 14 is a good sl
Order storniert:

Blue box: in the original post, I counted the blue box as 5 wave down. And what that tells me is that the corrective pattern is not finished because a 5wave down corrective pattern cannot stand on its own. Which I found confluence as I anticipated a drop below MA55 on higher TF. That did not happen.

Now that I look at it, the chart fits better if we draw a simple ABC correction.
This means we are still in an uptrend and we can open our long position.

I will slowly add long positions at pull back.
Trade ist aktiv:
Kommentar: motive wave cannot pass my labeleld 'B'

Green boxes are still feasible
Trade ist aktiv: Approaching buy zone
Kommentar: Reached 8 dollars
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: 7 dollars reached.
Lay orders at the second green box, too.
Trade ist aktiv: Heading to second buy zone
what is the buy zone?
AlexCH galiboy
@galiboy, are you illiterate? do you not read? would you like me to spoonfeed you tonight?
do you think it will break down to 8USD?
AlexCH galiboy
@galiboy,nah not at the moment
The btc dump is accelerating this beautifully.
AlexCH LCessa
@LCessa, I am having too much fun m8
haha EOS is a HODL for sure. Going to be huge
AlexCH youngmick
@youngmick, I will be hodling after I buy at buy zones :)
lol Eos will rocket to $20+ after Jan 23rd announcements. Chinese New Year has tanked the entire market every year for the last four years in a row. The pattern is consistent. Google “Chinese New Year and market crash”. By February, everything starts to recover. The pattern is cosistent. EOS is just recorving faster than others so I find it impossible that it will go back to $4 again. You’re wrong on Ripple as well. Ripple is about to explode too.

The truth is you have no idea what’s happening in the market so you’re guessing. You probably guessed bull before the January bear and now you’re going bear before the February bull. You just can’t get it right can you? Lol
+1 Antworten
AlexCH gata9aigata9ai
@gata9aigata9ai, chinese new year illuminati? I heard dogecoin rises whenever my cat barks like a shiba! Maybe you should try this strategy, too!
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