ENJIN COIN (ENJI) To the moon and beyond.

BINANCE:ENJBTC   Enjin Coin / Bitcoin
This will be my very first published idea on Tradingview. I hope you all like it, and I hope you all will be rich some day.

Today we have ENJIN COIN.

ENJ is a smart crypto currency designed for gamers, to purchase virtual goods and other gaming related items. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9s4kQJX...

This coin has been on the rise and it just doesn't seem like it's stopping anytime soon, so why not join it on it's trip to the moon? It already has increased 400% this month alone, I don't see this coin going away any time soon.

ENJI will be releasing two more major things this month (Q4 2017), a mobile wallet and a minecraft plugin.

for the Q1 of 2018:
ARK survival evolved plugin (Still pending review)
PC wallet

and many more things to come in 2018


On the Chart it is currently performing a pennant
1h chart RSI looking very nice and bullish . same goes for the 30 min chart.
MACD has already crossed on the 15min chart, its preparing to cross on the 30min chart.

BB is slowly squeezing.
currently trading under the 30 EMA on the 1h chart

accumulate : 0.00001010 - 0.00001200

Targets :
Short term : 1500
Mid term : (Coming soon)
long term : (Coming soon) (The moon)

Set stop loss : 0.00000980 or 10% below your buy-in. (VERY NECESSARY THAT YOU SET YOUR STOP LOSS, ESPECIALLY BEFORE BREAK-OUT)

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"Patience is key"
"Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful."

Kommentar: a small negative break-out, still above our stop loss, its looking to bounce on the 15min chart.
Kommentar: ^MACD looks to cross on the 1h chart.

broke resistance and trading above 1200 on the 30min and 15min chart.

Kommentar: Targets :
Short term : 1500
Mid term : 2000
long term : 2500 - 3000 +
Kommentar: Targets :
Short term : 1500 (TARGET REACHED)
Mid term : 2000
long term : 2500 - 3000 +
Kommentar: We hit an ATH at 1600, remember that a little bit of retracement is necessary.

If you sold at the target or the ATH, congratulations, you made nearly a 50% increase already.

I'm still hodling!
Kommentar: If you're hodling, go ahead and raise your stop loss a bit, put it around 1150. (more or less depending on your entry point)
Kommentar: this is how the 1h chart looks like right now, we seem to be following the trend.

Kommentar: This is how the 15min chart looks like

It does look like we have support (Black line) around the 1279 area. keep in mind the reason I didnt draw a strong line is because this IS the 15min chart and it hasn't been enough time for my taste to qualify it as a strong line. but it is a support line nonetheless.
Kommentar: If you haven't gotten in yet, this is a good level to enter, I still believe that we have a long way to go before this is over.

Just remember to adjust your stop-losses, to always guarantee profit and/or minimize losses.
Kommentar: Use the yellow line in the 1h chart I posted above as a better support, that's a solid support line. (Yellow strong line in the 1h chart)
Trade ist aktiv: We're still trending up, seems like it's been consolidating right above the black line, this is a good rebuy in zone.

Kommentar: MACD, stoch, RSI are all indicating bullish movement.
Kommentar: remember to raise your stop losses.

we're following the trend line (yellow) so perfectly,

Keep an eye on BTC, any sudden extreme movements might affect us here.

make sure you update your stop losses at all times.
Kommentar: What is happening now is normal, set stop losses or hold, these coins will go back up again. this is happening because of BTC's dramatic run.
Kommentar: After a brief break through our yellow trend line (Due to BTC's drastic surge), it looks like we bounced up quick and still trading above our original trend line.

Currently things are hard to analyse, BTC can shift movement at any time and another dip can happen. don't forget that we've hit the ATH already.

Be caution and set stop losses. I will provide updates when I can.
Kommentar: We just hit an ATH at 2147.

Do you believe yet?

I'm still hodling.

Sell when desired, sell whenever you're happy enough with profit. I'm personally not satisfied yet and I believe this coin will reach new highs yet again.
Kommentar: This is why I remind you to put on your stop losses, and to always keep trailing your stop losses. BTC surged from the 13k-14k area to 17k. when BTC rises up like that, all alts drop.

Always keep an eye on BTC. You have three options :
- Set stop loss , once stop loss is reached, wait for it to go lower and rebuy in again.
- sell at the highest you can, wait for the dip, rebuy.
Kommentar: despite everything, despite BTC's surge, we're still at 100% increase from when I posted this.

im still HOLDING.
Kommentar: Despite everything that has been happening in the crypto world, ENJ held strong and kept trading at a good zone.

I'm still holding from our first entry point. if you have missed the first entry point from when I posted this, have no fear.

A solid entry point would be to buy under 2300 zone. I expect ENJ to hit new highs in the future.

Remember to sell when you're satisfied, set stop losses and raise them. ENJ is a really strong coin and I'm looking forward to more gains. I'm still holding.

The cyan line is a longer period strong uptrend support line.

the dotted yellow line is a previous descending triangle, and it broke it upwards.

at the moment it's in a ascending triangle, which is a good thing.


BTC is in a bullish trend, and we all know that when BTC is rising up fast, all the liquidity from Alts is going into BTC, which means alts go DOWN.

but that is only temporarily.
Kommentar: If you wanna get into ENJ, you can buy in now, with a tight stop loss at the 1880 fib level.

ENJ in my opinion is a safe coin, but we're here trying to maximize profit whether it's a safe coin or not, so a tight stop loss should be considered with BTC's bullish movement.
- ENJ iOS wallet : Pending apple approval (31.JAN or earlier)
- Minecraft plugin - 28.Feb or earlier
- Unturned Plugin - 31.Mar or earlier
- Unity SDK - 31.Mar or earlier.
Kommentar: As we can see in the chart above, its performing a nice wedge/bullish flag formation. we have a strong uptrend support cyan line

previously failed our ascending triangle but not by much, we gave it some more time (always a good thing) and it performed a bullish wedge/flag.

so now look for it to break out and hit the green box. buy after the breakout for a safer entry.
Kommentar: P.S : All of our previous targets I posted here were hit. the short/mid/long term. either way it has been a success. but now I'm giving you new targets for the time being.

Targets :
Trade ist aktiv:

broke out of the bullish wedge, into the breakout zone successfully as I previously stated. its a good entry point.
Trade ist aktiv: Targets :
The Moon is at 50 dollars per ENJ coin.

Don't forget that. We're still at ground level.
Great chart. Any updates?
Ramy2700 gaupatel
@gaupatel, Updated sir.
gaupatel Ramy2700
@Ramy2700, Thank you!
What is your stop losses in 1345 ?
How many % you always set up ?
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Great analysis, amazing charts. Keep up the amazing work. I have to learn from you, you are the best.
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Ramy2700 alanmasters
@alanmasters, thank you sensei, I watched and learned from the best. ;)

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