Pt II - Using Fibonacci Extension to Find Sell Targets

BITTREX:EBSTBTC   eBoost / Bitcoin
Please check out Part 1 on how to use fibonacci retracement to find entry levels.
This post will only make sense if you familiarize yourself with fibonacci retracement tool.

Now, supposedly, we have entered a trade using entry levels based on fib retracement, how do we know when to sell?
To answer this question, we can utilize the Fibonacci Extension tool.

**How to:
You will need 3 points to draw a fib extension.
You can obtain these 3 points by identifying wave 1 and 2.
-->Define wave 1-2
-->Set begging of wave 1 as first point.
-->Set end of wave one as second point.
-->Set end of wave 2 as third point.
*We are looking at a 4 hour chart of EBST/BTC*
Okay, so for this eBoost trade example example. I have entered a trade at around 3200 level.
How do I know where to sell?

For now, please ignore all the fibonacci tools and other annotations. Please focus on the candle sticks only: count wave 1-2-3-4-5 (They are labelled in blue text. The beginning of wave 1 is marked with an up arrow)

**You should ONLY move on if you can identify the 5 waves comfortably***

Now, we can start investigating the tools.
There are four tools you should familiarize yourself with on this chart. You can investigate them in the following order: (They are labelled by balloons)
a) fib retracement for wave 1 - used to find entry to LONG wave 3
b) fib retracement for wave 3 - used to find entry to LONG wave 5

c) fib retracement for the entire set of wave 1-2-3-4-5
(**ie. wave 1' - Since 1-2-3-4-5 can be viewed as subwaves of a larger leg 1' **)
-->We can use (c) to find entry to LONG wave 3'

d) fib EXTENSION of wave 1-2: used to find sell targets. The targets are connected fib. extension tool by the green boxes.

And there you have it, a 2-part simple introduction to using Fibonacci Retracement & Extension tools to find entry and target of a trade.
Thank you for your post.
So sell at 7000ish?
AlexCH AndrewHillc3
@AndrewHillc3, This is an educational post.
@AlexCH, Lol that was an educational question though, what would you do?
AlexCH AndrewHillc3
@AndrewHillc3, That is not an educational question at all. The answer has nothing to do with how you solve the problem.
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