Correction Is Necessary For Upper Targets

BITFINEX:DSHUSD   Dashcoin / Dollar
Please check out the beginning of the graph, from birth of DASH market. As you can see the inital top's fibbo and our new top's fibbo is matching. Actually DASH's trend is one of the most clear token graphs as it's Bullish run is exactly matching with expected Fibonacci levels.

I'm closing my trade here and looking for a nice correction to Fib 0.618 for a bigger run.
Kommentar: Here is the update:

Kommentar: This is a more accurate update:
Hi thank you for your great analysis :)! Just a quick question, it reached around 650$ right now and as seen on your chart you expect it to drop around 500$. What might be the next target after this? Would the next target be your 1.618 target or would it break further (because it might reach a new ATH)? Thank you!
CaptainTrader55 Shockinalive
@Shockinalive, Thank you for the kind words :) Well I made my plans according to it's drop to 400 - 420 area (some more some less maybe). I think it's necessary to correct at 500 or 400, If it corrects from 500 I'll watch the chart and look for a good entry point :) Still can be bought there and if it drops more you can add more :) if we're aiming to make a safer journey (as so far Dash was one of the most safest coins and did it's almost every single move according to Fib levels)

Here is my strategy to confirm bullish trends:

I'am creating 3 different fibbo charts:

A: From lowest bottom to previous high,
B: From lowest bottom to All time high
C: From previous bottom to All time high

A: Correction at 0.618 or 0.382 Fib - Confirmed
B: Correction at 0.618 or 0.382 Fib - Let's say X
C: Correction at 0.618 or 0.382 Fib - Let's say Y

If A and B and C are all confirmed we can confirm the bullish trend and look for the upper fibo levels.

Let's make a logic equation:

if A and B and C are all must be confirmed, B and C must be confirmed at the same time.

Let's look at the chart:

(Please note that these are the approximate numbers, close to our prediction)

X can be whether 500 or 400

Y can be whether 500 or 400

So both theorems match. This is a great think, DASH is one of the safest coins and has a really healthy chart!

Let's watch for 500 and add more if it drops to 400 :)
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CaptainTrader55 Shockinalive
@Shockinalive, Let's draw Fibo B as well:

To determine my exit points I always look at Fibo B and Fibo A:

Wow they match!! :))

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CaptainTrader55 Shockinalive
@Shockinalive, Simply, it's 1000, yes after the correction we'll have a chance for 100% profit opportunity!
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Shockinalive CaptainTrader55
@CaptainTrader55, sorry for the late response and as for your replies, I just can't thank you enough! This looks really good and I appreciate all the information you are sharing with us. This looks really clear for me and I think it all makes sense now. I'm waiting for a dip to buy back in and get some profits with it, and if not I'll still keep waiting for good opportunities. Thanks again! :)
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