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The first wave of DGB             took us to $.06 +. Second wave has been completed and has formed a nice bottom. I predict upward movement once capital flows from BTC             back into alt coins on or before 11/16. Therefore, wave 3 coming soon. Wave 3 should take us to at least $.16. Then, a retracement back to blue support line. We should arrive at $1 by Oct. of 2018 if and only if we stay in the blue channel.


i) DGB             blockchain is fast! Transactions confirmed in about 6 minutes. 15 second blocks.

ii) Volume of transactions per second doubles every two years. 280,000 transactions per second by 2035.

iii             ) 5 mining algorithms to prevent centralization. Algorithms can be swapped out in the future.

iv) Segwit activated so cross-chain transactions are possible with BTC             , LTC, and VTC             , for example.

v) Distributed over 100k+ nodes so more decentralized.

vi) Longest blockchain at 5 million + blocks

vii             ) Real-time difficulty adjustments to prevent 51% attack. Pioneered Digishield and Multishield.


We may have a sleeping giant that is waking up very soon. Board the train if you so desire. This trade requires patience.

Kommentar: An excellent entry point is 113 sats.

However, you may be able to acquire for 100 sats if BTC continues upward movement past previous all time high.
Kommentar: Confirmation of reversal if price reaches 146 sats.

A major correction in BTC price is necessary to see significant upward movement.
I tested this theory using a different scale and came up with the same target and time frame. However, I think think depending on what happens the next few weeks with the market, there is potential that DGB breaks up above its current long term trend and starts a new and more aggressive growth pattern. Either scenario is very good though.
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when moon?
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