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This is what I see and except it to have 2 breakouts soon.
Breakout 1 will be the breakout of the pennant
Breakout 2 will be the breakout higher than the recent high.

Lets see what happens. What are your thoughts?

Kommentar: I just saw a internal channel in works : Check it. This channel can be followed in combination with the depth book and order book to see where the price will be going

Check it
Kommentar: One more hit on the trendline. trendline gettings stronger.
If we analyse how many times the candle hits the trendline after the last big spike to 650...

I roughly count 8 hits. Before we got a small spike to the edge of the pennant upwards.

3-1-2018 or 4-1-2018 the day Digibyte skyrockets?

Looks like Rocket went down.
YOBRO220 RostyslavTernushchak
@RostyslavTernushchak, hahaha this doesn't count. BTC just had to act up. Stupid BTC spoiled alot of alts
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