Decred: The Sleeping Giant

POLONIEX:DCRBTC   Decred / Bitcoin
Decred is a hidden gem that few people know about and ever fewer understand. Founded by Company0 (the btcsuite developers who are well respected in the bitcoin space), Decred seeks to solve many of the issues the bitcoin blockchain is currently facing, such as consensus and governance.

Decred has a unique codebase, written from scratch in Golang.

Decred is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization with self funding and governance built directly into its blockchain.

Currently, Decred has a very small market cap. It was randomly added to Poloniex in early 2016 and never saw a traditional entrance pump/dump.

If one looks at the 3D chart, they will notice a bullish engulfing candle with significant volume . The volume profile also indicates accumulation in this area.

My pump doctor indicator:

shows growing bullish divergence and is almost to the point where it crosses the zero line (for the first time in a very long time). This is a strong altcoin buy signal.

These guys push updates to github literally every day and have for the last year.

If one is interested in getting in on the ground floor or learning more about the project:

If you have any questions, feel free to join slack or ask them here. Happy trading!
Kommentar: If you aren't already in Decred, .00075 - .0008 would likely be a fantastic entry. This isn't a quick buck (although some of you probably just doubled your money).

Check out the new roadmap! It's very professional.

Kommentar: http://i.imgur.com/113gcXD.png

Currently below a 3mm cap. Not even in the top 50. This will change soon.

If you aren't already in this bull run, .00077 or so should be a fantastic spot to enter the market. This chart will be updated over a long period of time. This is not just a small pump, this is the beginning of a bull market.
Kommentar: I hope you bought the dip at .00077. Check out this awesome new promo video on Decred.

Look for Decred on Blocktalk this Saturday.

3 Bullish Soldiers on the 3D after a long downtrend.

We are in business boys and girls. Good times ahead.
Kommentar: These guys never stop...INCREDIBLE new logo reveal video.

Kommentar: Don't forget to catch the CEO of Company0 on Blocktalk tomorrow. It should be a fantastic episode. Check out this teaser:


I expect wave 3 to begin soon
Kommentar: New noob friendly video on Decred:

Btc and weak hands cause us to break support at .0011. .0008-.0009 should serve as support from here
Kommentar: On February 7th, cryptocurrency will never be the same:
Kommentar: The monster is coming.

Kommentar: UP
Kommentar: Awesome close on the 1D

Kommentar: Hope everyone got in on the last leg. Here is another opportunity:
Potential bull pennant forming.
Kommentar: Pennant breakout:
Kommentar: https://twitter.com/decredproject/status...

Big Decred news in 1 hour
Kommentar: Potential bull pennant
Kommentar: Hope everyone profited on this move :)
Kommentar: BIG Decred update just dropped with Hard Fork Voting demo, Stakepools in wallet, and rebrand just dropped. Definitely a good time to keep your eyes on the market.

50ma crossing above the 200ma, signalling the beginning of a bull trend on the 1D chart.

Decred making a nice double bottom on the 1D chart. Coinbase meeting is on 3/10. 50 ma still above 200 ma, so we are still in uptrend. Need to break above 50 ma ~190k satoshi for the party to start. I'd say it's a good buy here.

I hope you bought ;)

Notice the fractal similarities. There is a possibility for a reach for 450k - 500k satoshis here. Time will tell.

Target hit!

Decred on the move up despite bitcoin's rise. Keep in mind that the most important update in the history of cryptocurrency is just around the corner. v1.0.0 will enable hard fork voting on the main net for Decred. We are definitely looking to retest highs in the near future.
Kommentar: https://twitter.com/decredproject/status...

Decred is coming to Exodus! Definitely a bullish development everyone should be aware of.

Decred broke out of the 3D cloud. Good place to set bids .0125 - .0128. Looks like an ath test is in order.

With the biggest update in cryptocurrency being released in just a few days, strong fundamentals should help to propel this move.
Kommentar: ^^ 6H cloud, my bad!
Any updates DBT?
Any updates here?
What's your current take on the situation? Looks like it lost some momentum?
What is the potential for this investment in 2017? Check out this /decred-altcoin-review/#.
Nice work. Next move anticipated ?
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We are going for a new highest point this time, maybe 0.0065 BTC/DCR or 10 USD for 1 DCR
destroyeer jorozey
you are a genius !!!
Nice call. Party seems starting.
Cool man. Thanks for the update. I'm in. Better late than never (in this case I guess)
Skanda Vaggitarian
@Vaggitarian, TBH I think Decred is a $10 coin at least... I will HODL
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