Watch the CAC 40 for a new bull market

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France presidency: Francois Hollande decides not to run again

Things in Europe changing very fast, obviously: By Monday is a crash expected to come - wich might not occur because to much investors betting on this crash to come.
Only few Minutes ago Francoise Hollande said, that he will not run for a second France Presidency.

Politics is still an issue in Europe and for the CAC 40 ist this a sign of hope that conditions for the French Ecconomy are getting better after the Election in May 2017. The CAC-40 might jump of this major resist to complete a double bottom reversal pattern in the next couple of trading days.
Kommentar: CAC 40 Double Bottom Pattern

Kommentar: Renzi? Who?

Do you remember Matteo Renzi and the completely break down of the Euro, the EU, the banks ....?

The Stockmarket doesn´t - and that´s for sure.

Watch this chart and see what happend in the last 9 Trading days. A new bull market is born same time US-Investors betting billions of US-Dollar on a Italy and EU to break down.

Trade ist aktiv: up date: inside day

watch tommorrow´s candle. The "rule" is, that the following candle shows the further direction. This might confirm this up move. If the trend start to show a momentum to the downside take profit.

Trade ist aktiv: Still on the rise. The CAC has already built in the last recent days a "ramp"

Kommentar: Watch the CAC Wednesday or Thursday for a possible huge spike to the up side to last until Dec. 30th.

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