Bund 4 h

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FX:BUND   Euro-Bund
Bund is after contract changing on the down move with little corrections. 161,00 / 160,00 is minimum for me. I don't wonder when we see a low 158,50/00 and than up.
And look at the option on eurex. There you can read the way (when you understand it). Good luck for all.
The big fall is not yet. Cause the Draghis buy mor till next year. Than we can look in the first - second quater where the markets fall. And i mean a big fall!
The options looks like down to 161,50 - 160,50 around.
The DE10y is now at 0,405. The resistant for me is 45 and 50.
So that confirmed my thouthts.
On an other chart where the roll over is adjusted we have some other Fibos.
Tradesignal Online Chart
oh it doesn't work
Fibs are 163,69 (0), 160,71 (38,2), 159,79 (50), 158,87 (61,8), 155,84 (100%)
Now we are on the way to 160,24 and more down. Look at the bigger timeframe.
Today are doubled put option buyer than call buyer. They play but they dropped to 159,00/158,00. Good luck for your own plan.
be carful today 13,45 h german time its draghi time. very volatil i think.

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