Bund 4 h

FX:BUND   Euro-Bund
My lovely german bund . Last update was wrong. That's happend an now i see more long cause the indices are weak.
Look at the chart and comment if your interested. Thank's for your time and good luck guys.
Kommentar: 1st target reached. Now look for a flag for more up (till 164,13) or for a bigger correction 161,80/70.
Kommentar: On the 6th of Sept.we have a rollover in contract Dez.18. This contract is now at 160,93 and we ar now at 163,45 and March 19 is at 161,64.
What does this mean? Obove 163,30/00 we would see 164,10/20 and than rebound to 162/161 at 09.06.2018. But if the indices are falling heavy we can go to 166!
Than we must look what happend. Good luck to you guys.
Kommentar: If the same fractral like end of may we go to unbelievable 168 befor a big downmove follows. The OGBL (Option for Bund) has today calls at 168,50 OI 51276 and 100 contracts. 168 are with 10897 OI (1884 contracts)
But the normal range are between 162 - 165,50 for calls and 159,50 - 163 for puts.
Kommentar: Have we seen the high for any time? I can't belive it. But correction are a must have.
Kommentar: now we are on the way to close the gap at 162,62. It can come more down cause the indices are strong.
Kommentar: on the way to 161, 160 evtl. 159 till 6 th of Sept.
Kommentar: is this the way to 163,50 around? it looks so.
Kommentar: no shorts today 163,50 are comming
Kommentar: memory
Kommentar: now the contract change at 6.th, so the most rollover now. So the way is down cause 163,49 was reached. Down can be till 161,00 so watch out guys.
Kommentar: next target 160,35 tomorrow or the day after.
cause we have rollover tomorrow. The Dec. contract now at 160,23
Kommentar: 160,35 is reached an now we are going down to 159,00. 159,36 are reached now.
Close under 159,00 Bund are in trouble for some days. I think we get a correction and than we can see which way he want to go.
Kommentar: 159,00 was not broken. Can we go this way?
Kommentar: Be careful close daily under 15,50 we got more down bevor the up comes.
Kommentar: He is looking for a bottom or some consolidation and more down to 15,70/165,50 and than up.
But for me comes the bottom. so i look at the structure where the market goes.
Kommentar: now down with the yields? And Bund so up. Bottom can take some time.
Kommentar: big down today at german 10y yield. Maybe this way at the yield?
Kommentar: small correction than more up next week.
Kommentar: it looks like it works.
Kommentar: 261,80 is not far. very good run.
Kommentar: now we can look for a bottom. some correction now up and than one more down cause the 10 J yields can go a little higher. Now we are at 0,553 it can go to 0,65.
Bottom Bund is 1. TG 157,50 and 2.TG ist 165,50 around.
The up now can go to 158,40/50
Kommentar: 1 TG reached. If the indicies goes more down we see more up in the BUND
Kommentar: 10y german
Kommentar: on the run. Now some corrections and than more up, cause the Dax and co. are on the way down to 10700/500 if 500 don't hold we see 10k. So the Bund have to go higher for me. Trade your own plan. Good luck guys.
Kommentar: Bingo, if next week the indices goes down we see more up bevor correction.
Nice weekend to all.

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