Challenging BTS part 2 - The Rocket +35.4% !

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
BTS             is challenging me so far loosing 1x3 and this is turning interesting because BTS             is so instable you can gain a really lot and loose little when using short stop losses. Market is running good for the BULLs and I expect it to go good at least to BTCUSD             9,4K (bitfinex) and some alts are picking up and I get back to BTS             where it features sky rocketing properties when it cross the MA. With Fibo 0.236 as our main game change resistence point and the MA as the trigger I am expecting a very strong come back after a long ABCDE correction.
Kommentar: Since BTS is quite challenging and full of tricks, I gave it another possible scenario where the timing of hitting the MA equals to BTCUSD already at 9.4K so instead of crossing the MA at first shot, it might go to an extended correction together with BTCUSD correction after hitting 9.4K and them the possible rocketing if and only if BTCUSD decides to go BULLish:

Kommentar: BTS didn't get past on MA and this trigger a short signal, so this trade is now on SHORT mode until the very low dashed line support or something new like a sudden spike break above the MA:

Kommentar: BTCUSD is getting a little better suggesting BTS could cross the 4H MA but it is one those things you need to wait happen as we can see on the chart on his recent past of fallen attempts to cross the MA resulted it's going further down:

Kommentar: BTS is running as expected but if things start to turn bullish by break up the dash line just above it. It could in turn cross the MA50 on 4H and go for a rocket run up to 36%:

Kommentar: BTS got weak after above 2771 and is back to that level, if it doesn't get stronger in a few minutes it will probably go for ABCDE correction and this trade will be again switched to SHORT with a expected 10% leg:

Kommentar: BTSBTC hit the MA 4H 3 times already and running a bit sideways waiting for market time:


Looking into BTSUSD it is on our all important 0.236 Fibo and can go all the way up to the 1.0 Fibo with +36% on the process, not passing this Fibo is also a short signal:

Kommentar: After hitting the MA several times it is unable to cross it no matter what so ABCDE looking inevitable:


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