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Hi guys,

From a TA point of view, BTS have finish his correction. Thank god it didnt trigger a panic selling to lower expected target. Indicators are very healthy and show strong bull signals. I can now put the bearish count behind us. I must say that BTS have a nice strong hodler base as you can see we pushed perfectly this line :

I was telling you all that we needed this macd 4h signal to stay positive ( and we did it !

In my anterior post i posted on the 29 january signs of reversal, you oculd see this as i buy signal as i never explicitly told my followers when to buy when to sell.

According to EW rule. Wave 3 is at least 1.62x wave 1 Y values. Which mean somewhere between 14 000 sats or 17 000 sats . Positive trend are going to attract alts coin investor as they are so rare since BTC bearish run push everything down, this phenomonum is going to give nice impulse wave to BTS .

Take care,
Kommentar: I putted wave 4 deeper than it may be land. Anyway i will post update when wave 3 pivot value will be reached
Trade ist aktiv: 1 of my followers, Gemini47 (, shared is count work. We reworked together the count apply fractals and EW rules

Like Mr. N. Hill used to say : Collective knowledge/collective mind is infinite and lead to succes.
Kommentar: BTS position 3 now 4 in poloniex volume ! #3 in the blockchain activity matrix ( Very good support, no huge panic sells volume.

We need this bad boy to cross the signal :

Remember, BTS performing well in this bearish market because holding BTS is holding one of the fastest blockchain assets on CCM. You are holding physical structure like DEX and a nice exit door a.k.a. bitUSD. This btc bearish market may turn in a opportunity for BTS to have some light between all this low quality coin.

I have consolidate my portfolio to almost 50% BTS.
Trade ist aktiv: at this point we should focus on btc price fluctuation. more reliable for indicators fiability :

what is good to see is BTS doesnt show lower lows while BTC yes. Still holding. Im for the longer run. Nice to see BTS backed up to 3500. I expect BTC to have one last lower lows. If BTS hold at this levels we will have a bright futurs while some others coin gonna be in recovery.

I share with you what i try to explain : https://steemit-production-imageproxy-th...

Hae Jin explanation :
Kommentar: Hey guys,

We are now in the B- club along with NEO, ETH & EOS :)
Kommentar: New platform adding BTS :
Kommentar: need that lvl to hold or i must make alternative count and report this projection as invalid
Kommentar: "We see great benefits for the BitShares community and want to summarize the impact of the Lykke integration:

A FIAT on/off ramp for BTS without the need for Bitcoin
A potential FIAT on/off ramp for the price-stable SmartCoins"

Trade ist aktiv: alternative count here :
Order storniert
Lykke? Living in Switzerland and never heard of them before...they need to make much better marketting
SimonMercier retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, what its really the news here is FIAT DIRECT ACCESS No need btc anymore, just fiat wire and buy bts or sell for USD/EUR/AUD, etc. Lykke is a recent player. Be patient my friend. Empire are not build in 48 hours.
retiringsoon1 SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, i hope they get bigger! Dont want to keep sending my money to binance forever. If Swiss do it it will be good. Saying that as a non-swiss
Thanks for the pdf. How is that BTS is B- and steem is B+ ? Aren't both using the same technology graphene? What's the advantage of steem over bts?
@Coindgr, i guess its based on the adoption. BTS need more exposure. the thing is BTS is so decentralized that their is only few people that promote the tech, we dont have a marketing director like a centralized corp. I say : spread this good news. explain what is BTS, graphen and DEX. Explain to others why we are among NEO, EOS & ETH. People are going to jump on board !
SimonMercier SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, there is*
Bullion_Money SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, Im not spreading nothing. I want more BTS
3500 broken.
.10-.20 cents here we come
SimonMercier Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, too much bearish for now brother. cant see it right now as a potential value.
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