Bitcoin: The Calm Before The Storm?

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- CME Bitcoin Futures to expire on the 26th of January - this will lead to a rise in the days before the 26th so that the manipulators can squeeze the most out of this bear run and sell as high up as possible and the begin the massive crash to fulfil their short contracts. After that expect to see a bull market as Bitcoin has bottomed out and will be manipulated up because the big investors came for the massive gains and they will not be happy with 2% gains per day.
This also happened with the CBOE Futures market. They pulled off the exact same stunt on the 18th with the massive crash.

Conclusion - Short:
Short as soon as possible; buy the dip.

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Kommentar: At the moment, I am not seeing the signs I anticipated in the hours before the crash. It looks like the bears have not moved to push prices down prior to the futures expiring but there still is a chance that it could happen.
Kommentar: Bitcoin:
The crash has come with an expected double bottom as it would be WAY to hard and costly to manipulate prices down below 9000 and would be against what the futures holders master plan. Bull run expected after this.
Buy: $9200 | 75%
Buy: $8500 | 25%

Altcoins: When bitcoin bottoms at these prices buy up. It is very unlikely that bitcoin will drop further.
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht: Bitcoin did not correct as anticipated. I have a new idea which can be found here:
There is no speculation on this one except pure indicators. Bitcoin short term may have a dead cat bounce but if you take a look at the bigger picture, Bitcoin may finally go down to 8000.
Keep it updating
shadowbladers AntonioObrvan
@AntonioObrvan, sorry man, really tired today and the futures expire at 3am at my local time. :(
shadowbladers shadowbladers
@shadowbladers, but i have included buy prices in my last update so i hope that helps you :)
It's looking like a bear flag right now, IMO I think the crash will happen tomorrow. I see the prices of various coins on Poloniex being pushed up(many coins are in sync with BTC right now), so I think prices are being pushed/manipulated up, as I see the bot traders are just fighting other buyers and pushing them into higher sells (of course sellers see large amounts of buys and move their prices up). Also, if anyone watches these bots, they aren't actually selling or buying most of the time. They just push other people into buying or selling(whichever scenario they want). Thus whales can manipulate prices without ever actually selling or buying. Sure another whale could sell on them or buy from them and screw it up, but they could have coded their bot to take some sort of action to combat those types of scenarios and reduce losses.
Bullrun starts soon, no signs of crash, it was never the most likely scenario
shadowbladers STATICERROR
@STATICERROR, where is your evidence?
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@STATICERROR, Hahaha, sorry thats not even funny. Of course its going down
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@mycotoxin, today's breakout confirms it, we are going up. now look at the data again and tell me we are going to 8k again. lol. also read this:
@STATICERROR, could be but looking at the MACD for the month/ weekly looks likes theres more downtime ahead. We may move up temporarily but the trend is still down .
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