The price reaches the important resistance zone at 5000.00 level. We have to watch closely for price action near this zone and be ready to act. We have 2 directions of further price movement. Upward or downward. Will it be a breakout or a reversal? If the price bounces from this strong resistance zone , we'll see a short term retracement to 4500.00 levels or SMA50. These levels will be good for new buying based on reversal signals. If you opened long trades based on my previous buy signal below 4000.00 level, as a variant, you can fix a part of profit near 4900.00 level. You can invest profit in top altcoins which are on good levels for buying. The part of long positions should be left for long run. If the market breaks this resistance zone and moves upward, you will stay in the market with the part of volume . MACD confirms upward movement. ADX line rises and it gives a signal that the price movement get more power. We must be ready to see upward movement to 5500.00 and 6000.00 levels. If so, the rest part of long trades will give you additional profit. Of course, you should decide by yourself how to manage your opened positions. I just share with you my plan how to trade in this market when the price is not far from 5000.00 level.
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I cannot say enough how useful your analyses are, sir, thank you very much for sharing your insight
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@DLavrov , i can not any btc right now. If price broke 5000 level, do you suggest open new orders at this level?
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thanks :)
Sir what about stratis coin??
Hi @DLavrov, I have decided to try whaleclub, my way to pay you back all your signals is through your referral link, but I can't find it can you send it to me again please? Thanks
"We have 2 directions of further price movement. Upward or downward."..Hard to disagree w that..
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I don't want to hijack the thread but what do you think about the Fibonacci levels and EW count? The MACD and RSI look similar to the previous 2 waves.

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Great analysis, do u think its profitabel to invest at the moment and sell when The market bulling back?
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Greetings from Iceland! Thanks for all the analysis, we are forever grateful to you!
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