What to Look for in Bitcoin's Development

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I have had many requests to share my thoughts on BTC             , I usually do not do trading predictions for Bitcoin             , but I thought I'd make a chart to explain what I am expecting. BTC             , as explained in a previous post, was previously stalled when a backup of orders in the network occurred due to too many orders being processed by miners. The bottom line is that Bitcoin             needs updates and if there are no updates and features such as segwit that are not fully implemented into the network (implementing segwit is a choice) that has to be universally agreed on. This in my view being impossible because many do not understand how bitcoin             works let alone are interested in implementing updates. It is all about the money and many people see bitcoin             as something that has the possibility to rise to millions when they are not paying attention to the fact that the network needs support from miners to even make it run. The rewards are lowering, the electricity cost is rising, the network is extremely slow and expensive compared to other coins. There may be another high as I have charted as it seems to be holding above the blue support I have outlined. Otherwise it should be moving into a descending pennant which is a bearish indicator in my view and a spiral to the ground. I'm thinking it will be pumped one last time this year and a storm will erupt in the crypto community as trading partners shift around on exchanges. Remember that bitcoin             can be "replaced" by a new block-chain.

Most likely path being #1, the uptrend, then the second being the opposite.

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Kommentar: Might be heading down to 9200
Kommentar: Heading up along the first green path
Is this going to hit another bottom soon?
@EddieSteel, I do not believe so, it touched my called bottom of 9200
where i should sell my btc.just to free some usdt to buy near 9200.?
you are awesome. great work.
Thanks, great TA! Just to add: Maybe all that just because the CBOE Jan future? What do you think @thomas58700 ?
thomas58700 PRO MarkStarway
@MarkStarway, Regarding the last drop?
MarkStarway thomas58700
@thomas58700, yes, regarding the whole drop going on. Today was the expiration date of XBT/F8. I'm not familiar with futures. So I'm just curious if there could really be a relation between the instable market and the futures. We will see it soon again cause next expiration date is on the 14th of February.
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What according to you sir would be a great buy opportunity at present?
@Sharique, Just noticed that drop