A horrible year for Bitcoin and the crypto market

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Before you speak my idea badly, read through the entire text:

There is no sign that the rally continues this year, the bubble will burst!

Why do you think the bubble will burst?

The question is easy to answer: Since history is always repeated in the world of trading, it will be the same this time.
It's just unnatural how bitcoin has gone the years. It is not possible and it would be bad if the run continued.
Many coins are way too expensive for their circumstances. Most of them either have no real use case or no finished product.

In addition, the technical analysis speaks also against a bitcoin increase. Even if some do not want to admit it:
> MACD makes a bearish cross in the weekly chart, which he did 1 1/2 years ago.
> RSI over bought since more than 1 year.
> We are about to confirm a candlestick under the EMA , which he did ... I dont know.
> There are also areas that we have not tested for some time since the rally - $7500 and $5000

But what does that mean?

For us it simply means that it will be a year of correction. Nevertheless, it is possible to end the year of the correction with profits.
And my goal will be: To get each one of you to have a profitable year to make the next even more profitable!

Stop being so optimistic and greedy, otherwise you'll lose!

Kommentar: BTC 2014 in comparison to BTC 2018:

For the price to go down, money would have to be exiting the market. What kind of investors are taking their money out do you think and why?
You are the only on here, besides Funtrader Vera, that has the right sense in mind. That it's gonna correct hard this year. I agree 100% Gonna take a full year to consolidate before it can move much higher.
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E-55 josephtse
Thanks mate.
E-55 josephtse
The many profits make people optimistic and greedy. They can not accept such courses - they only see and wanna hear moon.
I also predicted the same idea last year.
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And your idea is about to come true.
dumb analysis lol
highly agree with your idea..However this correction/crash happens to be wave 4 and compared to the wave 2 (2014-2015 bear market) it should be shorter in time frame and less deep.. so I agree on the dip price 5k to 7k but the dip time would be just the begining of the summer and then up sideways till the end of the year and then the mania kicks off with 2019..
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E-55 elshanti
That is also my view of the current market
When everyone is bearish..that's when the market does an about face on you. wont go to 8000 first, it would likely triple bottom at 9200 with strong support there first. Only a korean ban of exchanges would slice it through 8000.
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