Bull moment is coming!!

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In my analyze there is a Bullish trend in formation. Carefully watch its evolution. It should make price climb significantly.
Kommentar: Yellow line here is dangerously approaching the gray one. And this yellow line is forming a kind of landing movement over the gray. this is a significant uptrend move.
So when yellow and gray line cross, the trend will really begin. We are just in the beginning of an uptrend formation for now.
Let's keep watching.
Kommentar: The final trend movement will finally be confirmed by the green/gray lines crossing while the yellow stay below them all.
I can add a graph capture later if all is confirmed.
The indicator at bottom as a significant upward move. the up move is there (in that indicator), but it is still a bit of a soft move up right now. if this line is moving up faster, the trend will also come to formation faster
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Atemak PRO xplained
hahaha hihihi, :-)

read what I said, yellow line must cross down the gray one before the formation begins (1st step of the uptrend). But I repeat, there is a bullish formation coming.
Right now that crossing didn't occur yet, and the indicator at bottom (emerald color), is in wait mode, since it's line has decreased. but the yellow is really in
landing mode over the gray line (very near its crossing).

Also when crossing will occur, if the indicator is going down the 1st step of the trend formation will really begin when this indicator line will go up.
That means, when the yellow/gray crossing occurs, it won't immediately go up (most of the time). The emerald colored indicator will need to go up
for this confirmation... So price will drop again a bit, and that indicator will tell well about that drop (after confirmation).

Then 2nd phase of the uptrend will be the crossing of the green and gray line, which is not immediate... When the 1st step is confirmed you can
set a BUY already for a smaller amount while waiting the 2nd confirmation comes.

check this capture :


It's GMT+3 time. As you can see there's no crossing yet of yellow/gray yet.

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