Don't be fooled

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That's why it's a huge bull trap for me. Do not get too greedy, no matter what some indicators or people claim.

For us it is time to wait. I expect in 1-2 days (do not take the time too serious) again a strong upmove in the 9000 area until we see another dip.

If you want, you can still distance yourself from the market, but I am currently holding a share of my capital in a few coins. Depending on the situation I will decide if I go out or not.

This is one of those moments where many think we would have a strong bull run, but it was just a trap. After that it will come to many panic sales, which will be our moment to join.

For example, as soon as Ripple breaks through the purple line that I drew in my XRPUSD idea, it's time for me to shop.

Bullish signs:

Kommentar: Guys I have it only in the feeling, but I think tomorrow it is time.
Kommentar: If anyone don't know my other ideas, then you won't understand the situation. Just look at this:

Kommentar: If I see a breakout or something I will inform you guys, because this will mean that we will go veeery high.

But if there isn't a breakout this will be a bulltrap.

I keep you up to date. Right now it is very difficult to predict the situation.

Patience is key.
Kommentar: Currently I am bullish until I reach my target with ripple.
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: Looking only for these scenarios now:

Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Crash has started now. It was a huge bull trap. New idea will come soon.
“In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” ~Warren Buffett~
When you see everyone being so bearish you need to be bullish
we have survived 16k crash so i'm not ready for another. lol
I don't see us going sub 6k again, but my god we're going to see an epic sell off at 10000. I think you're being overly blinded by negativity, just as some are being way too bullish rn.
asparoth asparoth
Fyi, the 10K is where most people got in, thinking they got a pretty sweet deal about three weeks ago. Expect them to cash out, along with those who bought in at 5800.
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Thank you good stuff.
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omg i like this
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nice, 1month and we will start mooning, as i predicted. Thank you for your confirmation, btc 2014 chart shows that clearly
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so basically what ur saying is: hey all indicators say bullish but my gut feeling says bearish
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