$6800 short term

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
As you can easily see, our target will be around $6800. So our stop is at fib level 0.718.

Before that, we also corrected at the other levels.

This will be for now our 5th and last wave. After that we will have some corrections upwards.

Long term we will have a whole year of correction. Bitcoin will get lower 100%.

So easy.
Kommentar: Again for all because I have expressed myself bad:

Our SHORT TERM target is $ 6800 as you can easily spot on the Fibonacci. After that we will have a correction for a few days, no one knows how long.

Thats it. For more I will keep you up to date.
Kommentar: Target reached. Probably we will see $6700, but I dont care. Feel free to buy now!
Kommentar: Wow... this is a hard fight between bulls and bears - nice to see :D

I just hold my position.
Kommentar: 1h candle just closed at $6700. Now its going upwards :) Good for us - huge profits are coming.
Kommentar: Short term target at $7700. There is no confirmation for a bigger uptrend yet. Maybe we will see 5000-6000 in the near future if we get no confirmation.

I will sell at target and watch for next steps.
Kommentar: Here my prediction for the next days, check it out:

Thank you E55!!! :)
Perfect prediction :) thank you
E55 korkmaz8479

No problem. I am happy that you liked it.
hodling since 18k lol. Its more like a war between fud and true, if you look at the orders, i sow anonymous person on bittrex is doing 0.01 sells every minute, also have read that some whales do sell of 50btc every 15 minutes, someone found that there are even spikes on the chart every 15min
E55 girius7777

This is normal... whales are playing with us to steal some profits.

I dont let me fooled by something like that. Just trust your analysis and thats it.
@E55, what is the most hard to understand right now for me, that while i was checking analysis of very popular people on tradingview and noticed that noone was right with their btc predictions, so how volatile it still is? ohh btw here we go 6.6k again
E55 girius7777

The problem with Bitcoin is that there are many possibilities how it could turn out.

I just made it that way, instead of analyzing the whole picture, I looked at a single wave to see where our target is not like others. So I have an exact result for the short term.

Should we fall further then I buy more, what I dont think so. For short term we re over sold.

Just realized that if I had analyzed more closely, then I would also get a exact target of 6700 :D
@E55, yea, no need to rush anywere :D
@E55, look at this volatility though, it may be the bottom for now
E55 girius7777

I would not be so sure could be a DCB. But for now it looks good.
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