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Yesterday the NY Times came out with a follow up article to Bloomberg's about the Tether issue and I have received several messages asking for my personal opinion on Tether and how it may affect the market. So I offer the following opinion on Tether.

Tether is supposed to be backed by USD and other currencies in some bank account. Whether it is or isn't only matters if you are holding Tether itself. If it is found that Tether is not backed by the USD then there will definitely a fallout in the Tether market, along with numerous investigations and probably some arrests as well, but we are making an assumption, and how will it affect the market even if it's true. The NY Times did not have anything to offer other than "mystery" when they posted their article yesterday "Worries Grow That the Price of Bitcoin is Being Propped Up". Let's not assume for a moment let us state the facts.

#1 Bitcoin' is NOT the only coin traded in Tether. So this statement is misleading to say the least. Around 60% of the Tether market is traded paired with bitcoin' but the other 40% is among a basket of other currencies. I'm sure it fluctuates from exchange to exchange but bottom line its not traded paired with bitcoin only.
#2 Tether is simply a crypto currency "pegged" or supposed to be backed by the dollar.
#3 Tether is 0.4% of the overall crypto market cap and 0.7% of the alt coin market cap with a 2.2 billion dollar cap.
#4 It works just like every other fiat currency in which it is simply a median of exchange

Now lets assume Tether is a complete scam and there is not $1 USD in any bank account to back it.
Tether would lose 100% of it's market 2.2 Billion dollar market cap instantly. Does this mean that Bitcoin' is doomed? NO! To make a fair comparison ( TRX ) at one point traded around 24 billion in market cap. That market cap has been reduced to around 3.3 billion or a complete loss of over 20 billion in market cap. Is TRX' a scam coin? Who knows but did that affect bitcoin'? No it only affected TRX' holders. Same goes here. Now it may bring to light the corruption in the space which may adversely affect bitcoin' and the market as a whole temporarily, but it does not change the fundamentals of bitcoin'. So it is simply a coin that is backed in faith by the faith of another currency. The irony! So in my opinion, unless you own Tether' directly I personally am not worried and would use the fallout as a buying opportunity.

Another month and more rumors of yet another Country going to BAN Bitcoin'. But is this more FUD?

#1 This is old news dating back to November nothing new here
#2 Arun Jaitley (the Finance Minister) stated "Through multiple notifications, the two parties (the government and the RBI) have notified the public time and again that bitcoins will not be considered lawful or legal tender in India"
#3 The Government of India has formed a committee to regulate crypto currencies.

The key points being #2 & #3

"Legal Tender vs Being Illegal"
Being "illegal" and not being considered "legal tender" are two different things entirely. Cows are not "legal tender" in India but they are used for trade and barter. Just because a government does not consider it "legal tender" does not mean it is "illegal" to use or own. But they do try. India and China tried to ban Gold a few years ago, and even the United States banned Gold in the 30's, all it did was force people to hoard. The best they can do is try and "Scare" people out, and accumulate the underlying assets which they have done in Gold and are probably doing in Bitcoin' as well.

The Bottom Line: Countries use money as a form of control. If you think large and Central banks are not accumulating Bitcoin' I leave you with this famous quote.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care NOT who makes it's laws" Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.

I updated the chart at where I am looking to add for the long term.

Kommentar: Let me clarify comment #3 under India. They are forming a committee. I understand this it was an error but I can not change it unfortunately.
Kommentar: Let me take you back to when all the FUD was circling about Apple. Apple dipped to $88 almost 50% off its 2015 high. That was an opportunity not the end of apple. I love these opportunities to buy off ATH's. If you think Bitcoin is going to zero then why are you in the space to begin with. Its a deflationary asset and unless you think decentralized block chain is dead (and bitcoin is the most decentralized currency IMHO) then you should be investing in Boeing and Facebook.

Patience is key in investing. I'm not trading here other than some positional trades which are pretty much the same as investing.

If you think a coin like TRX is going to replace bitcoin ILMAO! NOT going to happen. Just look at the coins that have been crushed. Ethereum and NEO are the future not crap coins. I'm looking to buy on pullbacks there as well. This is a buying opportunity for the long term.
Kommentar: When I see a comment from the many "Wannabe Traders" about this TA is a bunch of crap, you simply loose all credibility because you obviously do not know the difference between TA and FA. This is a Fundamental Analysis not a Technical one. The fact you thought this was TA shows the level of your trading and investing experience. Kindergarten, and you comment like them too.

Unless you are in 100% cash right now your portfolio is down. Grow up already!
@goldbug1, thank you! This correction and your posts... it's like I'm a veteran trader now. :) Wish I was this savvy and went to cash in December...
@goldbug1 Have you already rebought these coins?
excellent man, a drink for you :) :)
@goldbug1 Regarding this comment.

`` I do not see btc on television, headlines in the press, the euphoric market and money coming in.
I have the feeling that the correction is not over.
Only about 59% correction with all that went up?

I think there is one more before the end of February ... but this is pure intuition,
What do you think of the volume in the break? ''

I hope it has not been misinterpreted by anyone, I appreciate your work and the time dedicated to it, and I thank you for sharing it with all of us.

I was just trying to convey my doubts, I reiterate my distractions if someone understood otherwise.
Some fundamentals from me as well. There was someone here, asking how we see 20% day volume of USDT to BTC, ETH and NEO. You actually can see that in the minute graphs of Binance and Bitfinex. Yes, the USD of Bitfinex is not USD, it is USDT. You can compare the volumes to Coinbase USD pairs for example. Bitfinex, as far as I know still have problems receiving fiat. Binance also does not have fiat pairs. Those two exchanges are orchestrating the pumps of the 3 coins, and you can easily check out were the sudden jumps happen and drag all exchanges after. It is clear that market continues to be pumped using the USDT, until real news of US government comes up. Since one address of Binance holds about 400 million USDT, you can easy see, how does that work. There is a research that if you buy all offers of BTC for 15 million at one moment you can rise the prise by 1000 USD. When you are THE exchanges, and nobody can pursue you for Wash trading- which can put you to jail in normal market, here the exchanges can do it free as many times as they want. Shall we forget that in December Binance was offering Maserati, Mercedes and free TRX, to help the schemer Justin to pump and dump the TRX. So you see. There are people speculating the fiat is entering the market. Where this fiat comes from? India ban transfers. Korea banned, China banned ICOs, and not sure how they transfer money to Hong Kong to buy. Many EU banks also halted transfers out last weeks. Only Japan and USA? Reserves of people on the exchanges? Is is coincidence there are no figures for the influx of fiat to crypto in January? As far as I see two US banks to ban using of credit cards for crypto. Probably next step ban of debit cards for crypto. G20 gathers in March in Argentina - France and USA will put crypto as main topic and their fear for the specualtion aspect. EU countries to regulate soon the market. EU have directies for the shape of the cucumbers. Do you see my point?
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What are your thoughts on Gold and Silver... this could be our year!
goldbug1 mcgough_max
@mcgough_max, I love gold and silver here, especially silver with it trading at a ratio of 80:1 with gold. I have been accumulating silver here. I will post a chart.
adawhamb goldbug1
@goldbug1, that may be a silly question but are you adding paper or physical silver?
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