Bitcoin Long Term Uptrending Pitchfork

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
3568 16
Since 2015, this trend has been held within the pitchfork very nicely.

Also note how RSI double tops just as price attempts to exit the upper quartile of the pitchfork and fails. I'm expecting a similar outlook for the completion of the next rally.
Kommentar: most conservative target for the move is 818 based on median line
Kommentar: Median Line Hit - Next Target = Next Quartile resistance, about 1000-1100
Kommentar: expect resistance as price approaches upper diag, around about 1050
Kommentar: Price went from upper quartile to lower quartile in a matter of 6 days. That has to be some sort of record.
Kommentar: PF still holding steady
Kommentar: bouncing up from ML = bullish
Kommentar: on diag resistance atm
if it breaks, look for a reach of the next diag up.
Kommentar: clearly above pf diags - approaching parabolic conditions

ML is mean so expect price to wick to ML w/pullback
Very nice! Keep posting I love learning from the bests!
Can you pls update chart with current view?
Daxxi rhb_3000
@rhb_3000, Did you not click the "play" arrow / button on the chart?
@Daxxi, thanks mate! Got it!
it's escaping, get it!
pretty bird.
so many alts look strong, odd seeing both btc and some alts looking/doing well.
tourist Noobincrypt
@Noobincrypt, Not really, because people are starting to see the value in alts, as many are trying to something different then just trying to be a "me too" bitcoin.
Amazing how well this is holding out.
IAmSatoshi billaddison
@billaddison, ya, it really is isnt it
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