Expecting Consolidation or Massive Price Change - Perfect PVMMLB

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Perfect Symmetry peeps !!!

This is our new axis !!


Here goes without my silly little crayons, in all her beauty !!

Polar Volume Mighty Mouse (Inverse Heartbeat) Lightning Bolt with a BWF at it's center

Hold onto your horses !!!

This is a first, Feeling is absolutely Freaking Bullish !! but 10700 is now a confirmed extremely important axis of consolidation.. We will see price return here (we guess based on the power of previous symmetrical beauties but this is our first thorougbred baby and anything can happen)

I will reneg previous short stop ideas, only sell and maybe get ready to short if the price goes below the min of this beast !!
Kommentar: For the love of Bitcoin...

The Greatest ancestor of the bulls !!! AKA Wooly Mamoth AKA Hump Back Whale !!!

Kommentar: Steady hands ! We are honing in on a flatline... Breakout is happening today..
Kommentar: still calling bear trap !! double down on the kneckline or start trading or wait for axis to enter.. lol I'm Gonner learn this sucker the hard way or the easy way !!
But I'm gonna remember that is for sure.. lol
Kommentar: the neckline of the huge H&S that is... 10k
Trade ist aktiv: all or nothing baby !!
Kommentar: get it while it's cheap before the pipe completes...
Kommentar: The perfection has spoken..! The Heartbeater is now bearish on this pattern..
Kommentar: By oldschool doubling down and riding back to save our ass at the neck line to what appears to be the end of one of the most deadliest Heartbeats we may save our poor interpretation.. wait for the neckline to ensue or we could ride up to test the top again.. we just saw old school Adam.. Try recover your losses over the next few days and get the hell out of this coin hahaha

Kommentar: Forget that, No textbook Heartbeat in site !! Hold those Old School Double Downs and lets ride the bullish echos of the Perfect Lightningbolt !! Here is to learning !!!!
Kommentar: And here is to finding perfection.. keep training Heartbeaters !!
Kommentar: We're back at the axis of perfection peeps... This is going to be a serious swing up.. take profit on the way.. as always. stick to your system and your guns..

Could be 15k could be higher, A perfect Heartbeat is a perfect heart beat.. Keep some bitcoin in your wallets just in case it goes mental !!..

Correction will ensue back to this 10700 axis.. Remember it and take profit from this swing up over the coming days..

We need a name for this rare diamond - Perfect PVMMLB - Let's see what she does first though.. Bitcoins Rocket has been serviced and washed down.. engines are firing up.. will it explode or shoot to the moon..
Kommentar: Expect the perfection of the master chart posted here to echo... It's already taking shape. try measure roughly the top and catch the buy in back here at her axis 10.7k or lower
Kommentar: No more guessing, the trade is set in TV stone !!

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