We all want BTC to go asap to the moon... but what if not...

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
I just made a possibility, as the they say you have to look the bigger perspective...
In case this was just a chart, and not our precious BTC ...
There's a clearer similar pattern forming with XRP...
But of-course, I could be very wrong too...
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: LOOKS LIKE I HAVE A PREDICTED TREND ! :-)
Kommentar: wohooo.. still following... till now :-)
Kommentar: scenario still valid... if BTC is really at the end of regressionary wave 2, it should soon make it's move upwards to start wave 2, if it can get out of the descending parallel, which was first drawn here as a downwards pointing triangle (purple pointed) end the side of the parabolic movement
Kommentar: cup formation ! and third wave commencing
I'm thinking this cup will be a bit shallower.... but I'll double down at 8k then 6k then 4k then at 2k I am going to go all in.. because 2k is the logarithmic of the last cup of 200 and the cup before that and most likely is as low as this beast can go..
@Benjamix, so you think BTC is slowly gonna breakdown?
and what you think about the alts in comparison..
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Benjamix Wolverinos
@Wolverinos, I'm gambling more with the alts now.. they move much more which suits me.. I'm thinking the CME Bitcoin Futures are taking their toll on our beloved BTC.. But you never know, I am slowly getting everyone around me investing in this stuff with me and we can only wait for the tipping point when people finally realise the benefits of the cryptosphere.. Accumulate at all costs !!
@Benjamix, I gotta lot of alts too, but most against the BTC.. I don't move them too much, and turn everyhting into usd, is too much work and risky if everyhting changes suddenly I think...
I play only with a few top 10 coins against the usd, and of-course I try to analyse BTC, and try to figure out my own idea, but it's not easy at this time... anyway I started with crypto for the potential and holded, but now I believe it's better to join the traders view..
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Benjamix Wolverinos
@Wolverinos, I beat the CCI30 and the CRIX indexes this month with my system of semi-automated DCA like investing. I'm impressed with myself for beating that benchmark. Obviously it could be a fluke ! I have to beat it every month to claim victory which, who knows, might be possible.. So yeah, I am full on higher frequency investor guy now ! Best of Luck ! We are going to need it !
@Benjamix, yeah, but that's the longterm... I m willing to move half of my capital into into some highway dope :-)
I've noticed there are strange pnd's around... but when you notice, you're too late... so I joined some groups for pot. pnd's... think the easiest way to make fast money.
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Wolverinos Wolverinos
@Wolverinos, THIS TREND CAME OUT !
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Benjamix Wolverinos
Legendary @Wolverinos !
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