BTC down to 12.5k before uptrend resumes?

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Three different time frame fib numbers line up at that price point.

There will be a lot of traders from different time frames watching that range.

Not to mentioned the Psychological level of 12,500.

Let's see how this goes.
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all the fibs, for sure. this yellow trendline conveniently showed up right in the same spot ;)
ronfkingswanson ronfkingswanson
(note, this is bitstamp, while you charted coinbase, which I generally find to be too... noisy for clean patterns)
nailed it
EuroMotif ronfkingswanson
@ronfkingswanson, Thanks, means a lot coming from you. I hope it holds, but at least it shows the power of fibs in crypto traders minds - a bunch of longs were placed there. Now need to see if the bears can tear it down or not...
@euromotives, saw that spread of evenly split orders 12-12.5k too ;)
Awesome, we just hit your Support , lets see how high we can go ;) since californian weed month is starting , i can only see Highscores ;)
EuroMotif Simon-Rose
@Simon-Rose, lol 'Highscores' :) I am still concerned that we have two more days of holiday, with thin liquidity and whales splashing around. But I am hoping the support is strong enough from enough timeframes that it holds until Jan 2nd, then we should FLY through all of 2018 (ignoring the occasional 40% crashes that will happen :)
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