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The bounce was clear as day. but will it hold?

My thoughts on where we are.
First let me share cryptocurrency represents the act of free speech buy choosing what type of money/faith system you believe in. This is derived from cryptography, encrypted perhaps anonymous communications. Look further into Julian Assange's Cypherpunks book of the Cypherpunks Mailing List. What truly enables cryptography is a P2P decentralized network this is controlled by none. Andreas Antonopoulos speaks about this frequently known as Web 3.0. I also encourage the reading of the Political Economy of Peer Production, by Michel Bauwens

Cryptocurrencies are a small part of the P2P Economy. to first protect our right of free speech. However cryptocurrencies are a different animal in a different ecosystem, evolution and competition has taken place. The P2P network promotes decentralization, anonymity, encryption, and free will, and thus what P2P networks get bashed for is piracy ( Free Culture Movement) rather than a sublime tool of journalism to protect the individual in pursuit of truth. There is no greater cause in the world than protecting P2P, when you have understood what has taken place by the Clinton Campaign, in order to politically abuse power of the FISA court to spy on the Trump Campaign before & after the election. The media resembles a political propaganda machine for the left.

In foreign nations we have seen a culmination of reforms that has tamed the beast of crypto
In Japan, after the Coincheck hack they have launched an investigation on all domestic exchanges
In India, after the ban on cash to combat illegal transactions it is most presumed, crypto will not be used on a transactional basis,
In South Korea, all domestic exchanges have implemented taxation.
In China, after ICO reform, they have now blocked all foreign exchanges for taxation and perhaps manipulation into Chinese markets.
The more exchanges that are centralized to a country with certain regulations, the domino begin to fall.
The idea of free will has been crushed from these countries.
In US, TD Ameritrade launched Futures , CNBC does buy & sell tutorials.
A common theme for more than several countries is by launching their own alternative government blockchain ecosystem.
What was meant to be decentralized, anonymous, and tax exempt, has become the opposite.
We are moving towards a global cashless society with government block chains or we are moving towards a decentralized Peer 2 Peer network.

What must happen is the application of proven decentralized exchanges. In order to bring that to light, we need satellites.

Do not believe in faith based evidence. The HODL movement, the zoom out perspective of % gains, builds walls, instead of creating a learning curve in technical analysis . Professional traders do not do this. The culture of cryptocurrency is in its adolescence. It needs to mature. Forex Traders do not HODL. For the people that say this global news stream based around cryptocurrency does not matter, well it does. Professional Traders also pay attention to regulations.

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