BTC USD Correction not endet, Better wait on the sideline ATM.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
1167 19
Based on the previous trend, we're currently bouncing back from the 100 Moving average support (9000$), from the looks of the RSI we will retest the 13000$ resistance (previous support) before confirmation, bear or bull. But im afraid we`re living in a Bearish Head and Shoulder pattern. the MA 200 support = if BTC falls again, the 6000-6900$ will act as major support, a significant long position can be considered here.
Kommentar: by the way, if you didnt notice yet -> BTC -5% Altcoins stays strong, BTC - 10% some strong altcoins remain strong while other fall, if BTC dumps 25% -> ALL Altcoins - 40%, doenst matter if fork, free coins, major news coming out or ICO platform, bcuz BTC still KING. i recommend to keep this in mind.
Kommentar: hit the key resistance level @ 13000$, next days will be crushial.. overall low Volume on the Market
Kommentar: as foreseen, we sold 40% of our Altcoin position when BTC hit 12900$, i'm waiting patiently on the sideline, rebuy 25% when BTC test the 9000$ level and the rest we wait if BTC test the MA 200 support zone at 6500-7500$ range.

60% of our portfolio we dont touch, because we're still LONG in the longterm.
Kommentar: You still with me here? The trade is still active, for those who sold at 13k btc, congrats you were free to add to your stack during 8200$ range.

Prepare for a bounce testing the 10650-12000 range.

folks thats your last chance selling before we go 5-6k btc.
Trade ist aktiv: Positioning my first buy order at round 5800$, note: i will sell as soon as btc over 8000$.
BTC will still go lower, it needs to double test the bottom before we got really confirmation of the BOTTOM, this will take TIme (up to 2 months)

The Volume, The Volume is the key factor to watch. we still need a bottoming volume! around 3000-5000$ is a good accumulation range.
Kommentar: why i choose 5800? simple, the Simple moving average 200 days lies below.

can bounce up to 50% up from there.

Also NOTE, in 2013 correction we went down 40-50% down from the SMA 200 , MA 200!
thats how i come up with 3k-5k
Note2: -20% fib 0.236 is a perfect buy range, 2,5k to 3,5k
Kommentar: Get ready for the last wave down.
The price will level out end of februar - Mid March.
Expect the correction to be over starting april
Trade ist aktiv: im ready to buy in again for around 6900$. If it drops further the 6000$ level should hold.

I have intel that news will come tomorrow to press Btc further down.
Kommentar: 6900$ = 200days Sma. importand level.
Kommentar: we might have the correction endet around 7280$ btc, anyway i was happy to buy in many cheap alts today.
Trade ist aktiv: Hello guys, Im starting my hunt for cheap altcoins as of today, I except 7100$ hold pretty strong.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: So the hunt for cheap altcoins on 29.march.2018 turned out to be pretty good. im about 120% in gains.

Right now, im selling about 40% of my trading stack (thats around 30% of my whole Crypto investments) my core portfolio i wont touch as mentioned before.

looking forward for he 10k(200days moving average) and 11800 $ trendline.

sit back and be patient. dont fomo in for now guys
Gameplan for 2019: average in starting from 3200$ down to 2200$!
I dont want/ or cant catch the absolutely bottom. Leave the last 15% for the traders.
I buy at this range till october 2019.

My core position for 24 Months. Then take profit 25% everytime it 5x‘ed.
Great calls mate! Thanks for sharing.

We out of the woods or do you see another drop to test the lows near $6-7K and/or lower?
DanielDanield6 EspressoDopio
@EspressoDopio, As long as we stay above 8000$ thats a good sign, as i mentioned before 6500-9000$ i trade these levels. if we break 12500$ area, and close above this level. i slowly turn bullish here.

Otherwise everything can happen, 5000k $ or 10000k$. who knows ;:) u have to go with the market
you are selling the trading portfolio...and not the core holdings..right?
DanielDanield6 mayanknitkkr359906
@mayanknitkkr359906, Yes 40% of my trading portfolio. my trading portfolio is around 30% of my 100% investment in crypto.
My main Core position with 70% i dont trade, just hodl.
mayanknitkkr359906 DanielDanield6
@DanielDanield6, cool man!! nice strategy to implement thanks
Unlikely. G20 is tomorrow. This has a very high probability of a being a bull trap.
doctorkesh DanielDanield6
@DanielDanield6, That's UK. Carney is one person. Japan, India, France and Germany have other agendas and they will express their views. In light of the recent NEM hack, and whilst most of those stolen NEM/XEM have been liquidated by hackers already, Japan is going to call for international cooperation about anti-money laundering. France will ask for protection in terms of terrorism funding via cryptos. Germany has the same rhetoric. One common theme is 'investor protection' which just cannot be brought into place without regulation. No questions about it.

SEC is after ICOs. The only two positive remarks of 'avoiding over regulation' and 'protecting innovation' will not be enough. When this is all reported by the media in any way, no normal investor will bring their money until regulations are in place. Hence this brings the whole thing to square one. Carney's statement is basically not enough.

I live in UK by the way ;)
DanielDanield6 doctorkesh
@doctorkesh, there will always be news about regulation. thats old news for me, market respondet adequately by dropping from 19k to 6k, for me personally the entry to one altcoin i was eyeing since beginning of january paid allready off, i could not have asked for a better entry point, than today. I'm comfortable with buying alts around 7300$ BTC, especially with 90% off from ATH.
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