BITCOIN pattern predictable, BOT Manipulation?

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The is my first post. Instead of focusing on traditional technical analysis , I wanted to point out an interesting observation. There is plenty of TA already out there by more more experienced traders that one can view. But something very peculiar has not been addressed.

And that is that Bitcoin             -5.35% is declining in a very predictable reoccurring pattern. If we look at the long term bear market decline and offset the chart by approximately 20 days, the two charts look eerily similar. To understand what I'm talking about, see this image comparison here.

Ever wonder why these patterns move together? It's probably the same algorithm. Someone has a a lot of coins and is running a trading bot to buy and sell at certain percentages. The algorithm must be buying until set percentage gain and time period are met, and it begins selling only to repurchase later. This process repeats over and over again.

I ask myself questions, who has the capability to manipulate this market so effectively? And when will they change the parameters? If the pattern continues, I drew a continuation in the idea attached.

Is this the biggest scam in history, or something else? Let me know what you think? <----- MUST SEE
Looks like you are right. Is this the time frame you used?
Maybe. And the goal of this would be to get this market back into the bull territory. That's why I am not touching this I am short.
venturetrade PRO venturetrade
@venturetrade, and btw the same "plunge protection" kicked in around 6K in november. I noticed that coincidence all along.
I think banks and bitcoin have something in common, manipulation and scam. Despite that I still hold crypto, I have a dream, to see bitcoin fall like a map castle.
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You know you can purchase a bot yourself for 0.06 BTC. It's not like you have to be a member of the Illuminati to trade with a bot, nor is it unexpected or illegal.
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The interesting thing is that, as we reach the end of the triangle, we are on Monday, and we have to wait for good or bad news that will push up or down the market.
I think this is gonna be the biggest scam in history. First of all, you can program supply to be fixed or not fixed. Of course you'd program it to be fixed and never increase. So that is artificial supply to keep the price pumped. Second, what happens 10 years from now when the blockchain requires 50 petabytes of hard drive space on everyone's computer? How impractical is that? How about 100 years from now? It will be like 1000 Yodabytes large. Just doesn't seem sustainable for more like like 20 years.
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