Why an Unlikely Fall to $8k Could be the End of BTC (Analysis)

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Most of us are optimists in the cryptoworld but few of us call the shots here. The rest of us just ride the waves. Bitcoin has been the top cryptocurrency for a long time and no currency has come even close to it in terms of market cap. Usually the currency on second spot (which used to be Ethereum ) would be half BTC's market cap at most times. Currently XRP (Ripple) is the second largest cryptocurrency with $74 billion market cap whereas Ethereum has a market cap of $69 and is at third place. BTC on the other hand has a market cap of $222 billion and is at the first place. Now, consider this scenario. Let's say BTC drops to $8k from current levels, its market cap will be cut in almost half. Let's call that an even $100 Billion. Now imagine 10, 20 percent of the investors pulling their money out of BTC and investing in XRP, given the recent inverse relationship. When Bitcoin drops to $100 billion in market cap, XRP (Ripple) which is now at $74 billion in market cap could easily be worth close to $100 billion. With a little more pumping, as we have seen in the past few days, it can easily exceed that $100 billion to become the #1 Crytocurrency and that would change everything forever. The media will be all over it. The crypto space will have a new king. Exchanges will start offering XRP/USD pairs. It will change the whole game. BTC pairs will be replaced with XRP. It will be the end of Bitcoin . With a company like Ripple leading the show, there will be mass manipulation and the whole game will change forever. All this talk of decentralized economies and DAOs will turn to sh*t. The whole market will take dictation from XRP. Now, I'm sure there are a lot of competent investors in the cryptospace with deep pockets. The real question is whether they are going to sit back and let this happen or are they going to do something about it to prevent that. I leave you with that thought. :)
Honestly if XRP becomes "king" of crypto , all crypto is dead and I wont even be interested in the space.
XRP is just another bankster pos means of counterfeiting, not interesting at all, dont even care if it runs to a million bucks an xrp, still wouldnt interest me, 100 billion coins, half in bank reserves, not appealing.
XRP is just a fluke that will run its course IMO, but I may be wrong.
Bitcoin is king...I bealive
THis article and statement is garbage, Ripple is garbage. Stop spreading this nonsense. Bitcoin will always be king and is not going anywhere.
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hoveldowns TheCryptAlpha
@TheCryptAlpha, concur with your opinion of garbage article, but always is a very long time
They will hedge their BTC money on BCH and BTG, not Ripple.
thanks god
hahahaha...ripple is centralized and many pre mined exists...if their nodes are blocked by govt (a huge ) every thing gets down...this is not gonna happen..chill..even at 8k drop many are ready to buy..its not that easy to change everything in exchanges...ripple have nearlly 100 billion coins i hear ..so more dump can bring it down to cents..ripple is good for investing and taking profits so its been pumped as it is still in 1 digit price..sooner it will be 2-3 digits in 2018 end..2 digits max...nothing will happen ...BTC still king..8K is good spot for massive up run again..i see bears in btc now once it comes to 10k again..we will see a massive run to 45k ..every drop have a rise,...
@ghose12, lol now bear? hahahahahahahaahahah
Fish40 RickyParker
@RickyParker, well actually i'm also still thinking bear :)

Lineage55 ghose12
@ghose12, exactly, XRP is the worlds biggest pre-mined scam coin , they even admit it was not designed to store value, its designed to be worthless to drive down transaction costs, which essentially to me means that if it gets high in price they will dump reserves of coins into the market to drive the price down (aka rob everyone via the pre-mined coins) , xrp is a controlled coin, once its market cap collapses all the quality coins will rise again, people are just spending coins gambling atm because they think XRP will run up another few bucks.
XRP has no scarcity.....
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