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Kommentar: Time runs fast and i was the first to put the news here. Props for me for that.
But the title is really wrong, because BTC will be down and $$ moving to altcoins.
Im still wondering .. Isn´t this the biggiest market manipulation in the history ?

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Imagine you have 1000 BTC

1) Call out a upcoming fork of a popular cryptocoin ( BTC ) few weeks / months before it happens
Peoples greed for another free shtcoin will make them dump their favorite alts and PUMP BTC price ( This will catch also attention of newcomers because of rapid price grow )

2) Few days before the fork buy all the super discounted super cheap altcoins as people are in hope to buy them back but right after the fork

3) Call the fork OUT and wait for the alts to pump to make 50-100% profits within few hours/days ( At this time you allready have like 1500 - 2000 BTC )

4) Take these huge profits and buy BT2 ( segvit coin ) ( ) as it dropped from 1K to 150 USD

5) Call the people of internet that the fork is at all going to happend at finall so the price of BT2 goes up again and your 2K btc grows to 10K BTC

Well now Imagine whales with 10K+ BTC doing this eating all the small newcome fishes :D :D
Anyways this is just mi view on the situation. By the way sorry for my poor english
nunojusto anoinvest
@anoinvest, you might be right. Whales rules this crypto world out.
Yeah, money left alts because people wanted free airdropped tokens.

Expect a sharp correction for BTC. Not "moon". Money has been practically forced into it because of the fork.

Target sell:ASAP

Target Buy: 5200, but keep an eye on momentum and volume. Possible to correct much lower as alt market reaches many ATH's.
Actually in the short/medium Term... it's better to sell BTC and BUY altcoins.
dude... come on
Sell now
nunojusto Sceptic1
@Sceptic1, My bad for the title... my hands were shaking a lot ;) Of-course it's a sell BTC and buy Altcoins.
B2X free coin took a dump..$360 (-75%) ! Free coins come at a price!
IMHO the fork was always mixed news. Good insomuch as traders get "free" coins, bad as in hostile and divisive. I believe the positive price action is due to these longer term considerations; the Bitcoin community has shown their mettle and realised that building consensus is the most important thing in a distributed system in more ways than one ;)
y shud buy then? shud sell no?
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